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AQUILO’s Sophomore Album

Aquilo today release their highly-anticipated new album ii. Described by the UK’s Sunday Times Culture as mesmerizing, iicontinues Aquilo’s progression from bedroom-based laptop producers to constant, inimitable innovators. Available nowin MP3, CD and vinyl formats, ii includes earlier singles Thin and Seagull, as well as Éc;The Road Less Wandered,Éd; a co-write with the Éc;super-talentedÉd; (NME) […]


SOPHOMORE ALBUM ii DUE FOR RELEASE ON MAY 4    Global streaming star Aquilo today release their new single “Silent Movies”. The new single follows 2017’s “I Could Fight On A Wall” and “Thin” from ii (Side A), the first half of their highly-anticipated second album. Aquilo also announce today that ii will be released in totality on May 4th and is […]