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Three Important Things to Look for When on a Home Tour

One of the first things you do when you’re looking at purchasing a property is to go on a home tour. While looking at pictures may give you the general idea of what to expect, it’s essential to view homes in-person to identify if they are the right fit for you. You can see a lot on a home tour that you can’t see in pictures, but you need to know exactly what to look for.

By knowing the essential things to look for on a home tour, you can ensure that you won’t have any surprises when you’re moving into your new home.

1. Condition of the grass

When you’re walking up to the property, the first thing that you should look at is the grass. While a few dry patches aren’t a huge cause for concern, the grass’s condition can reveal more than you might think. A surplus of dry and discolored spots may indicate a fungal disease, which will cost you a lot of money and time to fix, plus means you may have an infestation on your hands. Additionally, extremely wet, and squishy grass areas may indicate areas prone to flooding or even broken sewer lines. 

However, if you are looking to relocate to another city or country, visiting in person may not be possible. By using a reputable online property search, such as Kenya Property Centre, you can find high-quality listings that reduce the potential of finding problems like this, in your new location. 

2. Smells

You can’t see smells in pictures, but they can indicate some big problems in a property. Pay special attention to any odors that you smell when touring a property. Mold and mildew are the main things to look out for, since not only can it be costly to get rid of, but also negatively impact your health. If you smell a damp, musty smell, it could signify that you have this problem.

Additionally, certain smells can stick inside of homes, like pet urine and cigarette smell. These odors are difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of without some significant investments. Notice if there are strong fragrances present when you tour the home because they could indicate that the owners are trying to hide bad smells.

3. Condition of floors and walls

In pictures, the floors and walls could look perfectly fine. The images can be edited to mask the discoloration, and you can’t feel the texture. Defects on the floors and walls, like cracks, warping, and water stains, could indict structural issues that could end up costing you a lot of money in repairs.

If you see cracks running either horizontally or diagonally on the walls, it could be a sign of water damage or problems with the foundation. Water damage can do some severe damage to a property, so it’s one of the most important things to look out for. Signs of water damage will include the walls bubbling out, water stains or walls, ceilings or floors, warped floorboards, and musty smells.

A warped floor can also signal other problems, such as rotting wood, poor construction, or even termites. Pay careful attention to how the floor feels when you step on it, and if you notice any springiness, that shouldn’t be there.


Tyler Florence & Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants, a lifestyle brand centered around food and wine, has announced their second wine collaboration with Chef Tyler Florence: a Sauvignon Blanc. The blend is a labor of love between Cooper’s Hawk winemaker Rob Warren and the Food Network host, author, restaurateur and winemaker, Tyler Florence. The collaboration wine is a limited production blend made for the company’s 300,000-plus Wine Club and is positioned as July’s “Wine of the Month”. While the wine debuted at a members-only Wine Club dinner hosted by Florence in Naples, Florida on June 20th, restaurant guests can sample the blend by the glass in the dining and tasting rooms throughout the month of July in any of Cooper’s Hawk 32 restaurants.
“Collaborating with the very best chefs and winemakers not only elevates the Cooper’s Hawk brand, but raises the bar for the entire hospitality industry,” says Cooper’s Hawk Founder & CEO Tim McEnery. “Working with Tyler on our second wine collaboration has been one of the most educational experiences to date. His curious palate and deep knowledge of wine helped create an exceptional Sauvignon Blanc.”
Over the past twelve years, Florence has added several wine awards to his list of accomplishments, scoring in the 90s with Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. Tyler is also a top-selling author of 12 cookbooks and proprietor of two acclaimed restaurants.
I am laser-focused on creating exciting flavor profiles, so wine was a natural next step for me a decade ago,”says Florence. “The Cooper’s Hawk philosophy of blending brings great freedom to the world of winemaking and allows them to move with the trends. We used grapes from Monterey County to create a wine with aromas of lemon, orange, melon, grass, grapefruit and gooseberry with whimsical tropical flavors like guava, kiwi and passion fruit. The finish is crisp and loaded with green apple and citrus fruit.”
Cooper’s Hawk continues to push the boundaries of experiential branding by sharing the excitement that comes from collaborating with culinary and wine luminaries like Florence, and many others including Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Jean Charles Boisset (Boisset Collection), Richard Blais, Anne Burrell and many others.
About Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants
Founded in 2005 by CEO Tim McEnery, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants is built upon the belief that food and wine hold the power to forge lasting connections. A lifestyle brand focused on creating memorable moments that enrich lives, Cooper’s Hawk is the 34
th largest winery in the U.S. and home to over 300,000 Wine Club Members. The concept is a fusion of familiar elements – winery, modern casual restaurant, Napa-style tasting room and artisanal retail market – that has combined to create an entirely new hospitality experience. Cooper’s Hawk has been recognized as one of the five fastest-growing restaurant chains (Nation’s Restaurant News and Kalinowski Equity Research), has won over 500 awards for its wine and has been named the Official Wine of the Screen Actors Guild® Awardsthrough 2020. Cooper’s Hawk wines are sourced, blended, aged, bottled and distributed exclusively through Cooper’s Hawk.
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The Smoker’s Club Festival experience is more of a paradise than a membership. Tailored entirely for the Californian smoker culture, everything from the lineup to the food proves that. With some legendary performances from headliners such as Wiz Khalifa and Kid Cudi, this event is impossible to pass up even for the average concert goer. The diverse arrangement of artists shows that these people know their crowd and every type of sound they love. There’s something for everyone with artists like Mac Miller, Lil Skies, and Dom Kennedy. Based in the hip-hop heavy area of Long Beach every artist that comes through shows love to the OG’s such as Snoop Dogg and the new comers like Vince Staples. Even if you don’t take part in the smoking activities some artists will even share from their supply as well. As someone that went alone I found the crowd and it’s people to be extremely friendly as far as festivals go. They all came for a good experience with some of their favorite artists playing classics and older mixtapes. The buzz for this festival grew the moment the line-up was announced and I’m sure many are impatiently waiting to see what they have up their sleeve for next time.


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