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Hotel Planner CEO illustration by Heather Skovlund for 360 Magazine

Disney Parks Reopening × Travel Trends

By: Tim Hentschel, Co-Founder and CEO of HotelPlanner Headline:  Mickey Mouse Comes Out of His House…Kind of  Since 1955, families from around the world have made a special pilgrimage to Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA. What began on 160 acres of orange groves is now one of the most famous and beloved destinations in the […]

Passport illustration by Heather Skovlund for 360 Magazine

Tim Hentschel × HotelPlanner

By: Co-Founder/CEO Tim Hentschel We all welcomed the news of vaccine rollouts that started in January this year, but what does this specifically mean for the travel and hospitality industry? How do vaccine passports work? And are they ethical? Experts agree that we will start to see real progress against the spread of Covid […]

COVID 19 by Symara Wilson for 360 Magazine, Covid Travel restriction

Coronavirus Mutations × U.S. Travel Restrictions

By: Emily Bunn A breaking news article featured in The New York Times announced that the United States will be imposing a mandatory requirement for negative COVID-19 test results from all incoming, international travelers. The requirement for proof of a negative test in order to fly will begin Tuesday, January 25th. The CDC has ordered […]

1/3 TripAdvisor Reviews Are Fake CEO Tim Hentschel explains how the recent report claiming 1 in 3 TripAdvisor reviews are fake. Despite the report of fake reviews, Hentschel still trusts in TripAdvisor. “Tripadvisor has always kept a Chinese wall between its review department and advertising department,” according to Hentschel. Hentschel elaborates that “TripAdvisor’s high traffic numbers mean it has […]