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Sarcastic Sounds – Scared of the World

20-year-old producer/singer Sarcastic Sounds has released his latest song “Scared of the World” today via Columbia Records. Listen HERE. The atmospheric track follows the June release of “Laugh” and features Sarcastic Sounds himself on vocals. In speaking about “Scared of the World,” Sarcastic Sounds says: “This is a song I wrote late one night after […]

Sarcastic Sounds – “Laugh”

Today, 20-year-old producer/singer Sarcastic Sounds has shared his new song “Laugh.” Listen HERE. The melancholic track is another canon in Sarcastic Sounds’ arsenal of lo-fi hits and is a rare showcase of his own vocals. In speaking about “Laugh,” Sarcastic Sounds says: “This is a song I wrote in December while I was in LA. […]

The Midday Slump

5 Tips to Get Through Your Midday Slump We have all felt it. After lunchtime, you’re lethargic, tired, and constantly checking the clock waiting for the day to be over. But, fear not! Your day will no longer be ruined by the afternoon lull. Here are some quick tips to avoid the midday slump and […]

Most Embarrassing Fitness Questions

If you follow fitness trainers or enthusiasts on Instagram, we are besieged by women at the gym who look supremely confident, airbrushed and without a bead of sweat. The reality is, most of us don’t look or smell our best after a tough workout.  Not everyone is comfortable walking into a class of strangers in […]

Simple Secrets For Boosting Your Health

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy because of how busy you are and all the responsibilities you have on your plate. The good news is there are simple secrets on how to boost your health and happiness starting today. Commit to the following activities, and you’ll quickly notice how much more relaxed and joyful […]

Modern Lumberjack Experience

By Vaughn Lowery x Kelsey Welsh 360 Magazine was recently given the exciting opportunity to test drive the brand new 2018 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD ZR2 Crew Short Box. In our opinion, the vehicle, which is priced around $45,000, is worth every penny. The car is well-equipped with an 8-inch, state-of-the-art infotainment system (Apple CarPlay, Android […]