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7 Things That Set Diamond Rings Apart from Other Engagement Rings

Jewelry has been a symbol of expression and elegance since time immemorial. Despite changing trends and perceptions, there is still much value placed on “real” jewelry. Premium brands like Gucci are still launching their own campaigns as artists create new collections. 

What to Know About Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most valuable and tantalizing gems you can mine. Through the years, they have retained their value because of their rarity and refinement. The way these gems are formed is through the intense crystallization of carbon atoms deep within the crust of the Earth. From there, these structures form Kimberlite, from which the diamonds we know are mined through alluvial, pipe, or marine methods. 

Diamonds are the Toughest Gem

Diamonds have supreme durability and toughness, making them extremely hard to shatter. Although they are not infinitely indestructible, it would take great lengths to break or even damage a quality diamond. They even rank at the highest level of the Mohs hardness scale, so normal force would hardly even scratch the surface. While other gems of high caliber are delicate and hard to care for, diamonds remain resilient despite their elegant appearance. 

Diamonds Have More Longevity

Aside from having a naturally longer lifespan in terms of durability, they are also timeless in their looks. From the royals of 15th-century Europe to the glamazons of the Golden era of Hollywood and trickling all the way to today’s jewelry lovers, diamonds never get old. They are not only status symbols that transcend passing fads, but they also don’t fade over time regardless of how long you’ve owned your diamond ring.

Diamonds are Uncomparably Brilliant

If you’re looking for high-quality jewelry, you can’t go wrong basing your criteria on brilliance. Few gems are able to match that of a diamond, which is able to reflect back light superbly from within the gem. This rings especially true for high-grade diamonds that are completely devoid of blemishes and coloration to the naked eye. While moissanite is technically sparklier than a diamond, it is less valuable and strong. 

<h2>4. Diamonds are the Only Single-Element Gem</h2>

Already being exquisite delights, what makes diamonds even more unique is the fact that they form purely out of carbon. While other gems are made up of a mixture of elements, the diamond is the only one out of hundreds of different gemstones. As such, naturally occurring diamonds are actually considerably rare (hence their price.) 

Diamonds Have Rigorous Certification

When you buy a diamond engagement ring online, you can actually check the certification that comes with the gem or ring. This not only ensures that you are buying the real deal but also lets you know about the exact quality of your diamond. The classification of your diamond will usually be divided into clarity, cut, color, and carat. This is determined by rigorous methods, earning each diamond its certificate after quality grading. 

<h2>6. Diamonds Match Everything</h2>

Whether it’s for a proposal or simply as a fine piece of jewelry, getting a diamond ring has the added benefit of being perfect for practically any look. It doesn’t clash with other patterns or colors, simply complementing any design from casual to black tie. Regardless of what outfit or palette the wearer prefers, a good diamond ring will work as a gorgeous highlight to the overall look. 

Flawless Diamonds Carry Over Better Value

When buying jewelry, it’s best to know that you lose value. Regardless of what gem it is, you immediately get depreciation the minute you purchase it. Hence, many people find metals to be a better ‘investment’ than precious gems in terms of resale value. Still, high-grade diamonds retain enough value and quality over time that they are still your best bet when it comes to gems. 

In the long run, diamond rings are also a great investment if you want to pass on your jewelry to the next generation. This is why the luxury jewelry market is still expanding globally despite rising international economic challenges. Decades from now, diamonds will still be the cream of the crop. 

Bottom Line

Because of all these factors, diamonds truly remain unmatched in the world of precious gems. Their immeasurable luster keeps them adorned on the necks of the brightest stars, even becoming highlights of stunning red carpet moments

Taylor Swift The Eras music tour movie via 360 MAGAZINE.

Taylor Swift – The Eras

Beyoncé attends Swift movie premiere.


Taylor Swift’s record-breaking TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR will become a theatrical event, expected to be available in more than 100 countries, starting in most countries on October 13

Tickets will go on sale at most participating international locations outside North America beginning today, September 26; Moviegoers outside of North America can purchase tickets from the website or box office of their favorite participating locations; Ticket prices will vary by country

TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR concert film to play at every ODEON Cinemas location throughout Europe (and every AMC Theatre in the United States) starting October 13

AMC Theatres Distribution and its sub-distribution partners are working to reach agreements with movie theatre operators representing more than 7,500 movie theatres globally to show this film beginning October 13; AMC continues to work with movie theatre operators worldwide to expand this footprint

This includes North America, where AMC Theatres Distribution has already reached agreements to show the TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR concert film in more than 4,000 movie theatres starting October 13; All major theatre chains in North America are included in this Taylor Swift movie theatre phenomenon

Leawood, Kan. (September 12, 2023) – AMC Theatres® (NYSE:AMC), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and the world, today announced that TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR concert film is going global. On October 13, TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR concert film will play on big screens and with their big sound, expected in more than 100 countries around the world. Tickets for international locations outside North America will go on sale for most participating locations beginning September 26. Ticket prices will vary by country.

Through AMC Theatres Distribution and its sub-distribution partners, moviegoers all over the world will have easy and nearby access to experience for themselves the joy of TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR concert film, which will be available to fans at reasonable and affordable prices. The announcement today of a global release for TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR will make this groundbreaking concert film available to millions more music lovers across the planet.

The film is already scheduled to play in more than 4,000 movie theatres in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, including of course in all AMC locations in the United States.

When the film was first announced on August 31, it took less than 24 hours for the TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR concert film to shatter AMC’s U.S. record for the highest ticket-sales revenue during a single day in AMC’s 103-year history. With such overwhelming demand being evident, it became obvious that there should be an immediate worldwide release of the film.

TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR concert film will play at every ODEON Cinemas location throughout Europe. Additionally, AMC and its sub-distribution partners are taking steps to reach agreements with additional cinema operators throughout the world to play this spectacular Taylor Swift tour-de­force.

For theatre operators interested in booking the concert film, please find more information at

For U.S. fans interested in experiencing the concert film at AMC Theatres, tickets are available at

About AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the United States, the largest in Europe and the largest throughout the world with approximately 900 theatres and 10,000 screens across the globe. AMC has propelled innovation in the exhibition industry by: deploying its Signature power-recliner seats; delivering enhanced food and beverage choices; generating greater guest engagement through its loyalty and subscription programs, website, and mobile apps; offering premium large format experiences and playing a wide variety of content including the latest Hollywood releases and independent programming. For more information, visit

Rolls-Royce Phantom CINQUE TERRE via 360 MAGAZINE.




  • Rolls-Royce presents a one-of-one Bespoke Phantom ‘Inspired by Cinque Terre,’ celebrating the beauty of the Italian Riviera and its winemaking traditions
  • Hand-painted Gallery artwork captures the vibrant colors and renowned architecture of the five cliffside fishing villages
  • ‘Grapes motif’ embroidered to rear doors and inlayed on picnic tables pays homage to the region’s fabled viticulture
  • Bespoke Starlight Headliner features an intricately embroidered map of Italy with five gently glowing stars precisely positioned to represent the five historic Cinque Terre villages

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is delighted to present Phantom ‘Inspired by Cinque Terre’ – a magnificent, one-of-one Bespoke motor car that captures the enchanting allure and fascinating viticultural heritage of the fabled Italian Riviera.

The Cinque Terre – Italian for ‘Five Lands’ – lies on the rugged coast of Liguria in northern Italy. Perched on the cliffside, the centuries-old fishing villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore are internationally famous for their steeply terraced vineyards overlooking the Mediterranean – a true marvel in the world of winemaking.

The area’s stunning vineyards are celebrated in intricate Bespoke features throughout this exceptional motor car. The exterior is finished in a deep, rich Ligurian blue, further accentuated with a hand-applied double coachline in Navy Blue and Jasmine, completed with a delicate ‘grapes motif.’

The timeless interior, combining Grace White and Navy Blue leather with Jasmine accents, is adorned with a delicate grape-branch embroidery on the rear doors. Each piece comprises 9,215 stitches made using two different techniques. The grapes are embroidered in satin stich, with the threads carefully aligned according to the angle at which light strikes the surface to give each individual grape a lifelike tone and lustrous quality. For the grape leaf, the Bespoke Collective employed a flatter tatami stitch, which provides a textural contrast and enhances the embroidery’s tactile qualities.

The ‘grapes motif’ is also captured in an intricate inlay on both picnic tables, made with stainless steel and gold plating. The surfaces were first painted in Milori blue with a subtle sparkle, giving the color depth and vibrancy. Next, the inlays were precisely applied by hand and sealed with a clear lacquer. Finally, the surface was meticulously sanded and hand-polished to produce a smooth, seamless finish.

Overhead, the Bespoke Starlight Headliner is enriched with a map of Italy, embroidered in 14,338 individual stitches. Five glowing stars precisely positioned by hand at the edge of the coastline represent the Cinque Terre villages. Finalizing the design took more than a month, with the Bespoke Collective producing numerous iterations to determine the optimum line weight for the embroidery: wide enough to allow the thread to shimmer, yet sufficiently delicate to render Italy’s entire outline in minute and perfect detail.

The Gallery within the motor car’s expansive fascia houses a spectacular, specially commissioned artwork, which captures the colors, architecture, and vibrant character of Cinque Terre. Representing an imagined amalgamation of elements from all five cliffside villages, the composition was first sketched digitally, then airbrushed by hand using water-based acrylic paint to achieve an incredibly fine level of detail, before being finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer. The painting’s focal features are carefully positioned within the Gallery to ensure their exquisite details can be admired easily by all the motor car’s occupants.

A final flourish lies inside the glove box, which contains silver debossing depicting the five villages.

Phantom ‘Inspired by Cinque Terre’ has taken its place in the commissioning client’s collection. As a true one-of-one commission, it will never be replicated.

Rolls-Royce Phantom CINQUE TERRE via 360 MAGAZINE.
Photo of Giant size Spider Man. Huge adventures await.


Throughout Marvel’s historic Bronze Age of the 1970s, there were tales so titanic, adventures so grand, and battles so larger than life that they could only be told in special GIANT-SIZE comics! Now, 50 years later, GIANT-SIZE is back and more pivotal than ever! Throughout 2024, Marvel will celebrate the milestone anniversary of the first GIANT-SIZE comic with all-new spectacular one-shots featuring your favorite heroes, starting with January’s GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #1. 

Before crossover events became the norm, True Believers knew that GIANT-SIZE issues were home to Marvel’s most earth-shattering developments! During its original run, the pages of GIANT-SIZE included legendary Marvel moments like the groundbreaking debut of the all-new, all-different X-Men, the wedding of Vision and Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man’s run-in with Dracula, and the first appearances of Multiple Man, Lilith, Korvac, and Tigra! Ever since then, when fans see GIANT-SIZE on a comic, they know they were in for an epic ride, and these new GIANT-SIZE one-shots will pack the same punch! These new installments will also include backup reprints of key stories, giving readers a gigantic dose of Marvel brilliance, past and present!

First up, Miles Morales: Spider-Man scribe Cody Ziglar and Marvel Stormbreaker artist Iban Coello spin a showdown between the next generation’s Spider-Man and Venom in GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #1! Dylan Brock has a bone…or a brain…to pick with Miles Morales in a GIANT-SIZED Spidey story that can’t be missed! GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #1 will also reprint ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #22 by Spidey-legends Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli that features the epic conclusion of Miles’ first battle with Ultimate Venom!

And that’s not all! In December, Marvel proudly re-presents the very first Giant-Size title ever, GIANT-SIZE SUPER-STARS #1, in a special facsimile edition. Experience one of the all-time great Marvel comic books from industry legends Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler, in its original form, ads and all! The Thing and the Hulk have one of the most powerhouse rivalries in the entire Marvel Universe – and in 1974, it spilled out of the pages of both of their own books into a double-length slobberknocker! And like all the best bouts, this one takes place in the ring at Madison Square Garden – with the Fantastic Four watching on! In the green corner, it’s Bruce Banner’s incredible alter ego! In the orange corner, it’s bashful Benjamin J. Grimm! But there’s a twist to this fight that you won’t believe – and the formidable warrior Thundra is on hand to tag in! Will it be Clobberin’ Time for the Hulk? Or will the ever-lovin’ Thing get smashed?

Check out superstar artist Bryan Hitch’s cover for GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #1 below and stay tuned for more giant-sized announcements in the months ahead! For more information, visit

Picture of singer on stage singing some of her favorite songs


Singer-songwriter Elena Rose has had an extraordinary week filled with remarkable achievements that continue to solidify her presence in the industry.

Latin Grammy Nomination as Songwriter of the Year: Elena Rose secured her nomination at the 24th Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards in the Songwriter of the Year category for her work on “Arranca” by Becky G Featuring Omega, “5 Estrellas” by Reik and Sech, “Cupido” by TINI, “No Se Acaba Hasta Que Acabe” by Lagos and Reik, “Permanente” by Lagos, and “Por El Resto De Tu Vida” by Christian Nodal and TINI. Set to be broadcast live from the Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES) in Sevilla, Spain, on Thursday, November 16, 2023, this year marks Elena Rose’s return to the Latin GRAMMYs® as a nominee.

Show-Stopping Performance at Alejandro Sanz’s Concert: Elena Rose took center stage alongside superstar Alejandro Sanz during his electrifying concert at the Kaseya Center in Miami on Saturday, September 23. The two performed the classic “Looking for Paradise,” that Sanz originally recorded with Alicia Keys. Herperformance left the audience spellbound as she showcased her dynamic vocal range and stage presence.

Stirring Rendition of the National Anthem at NFL game: On Sunday, September 24, Elena Rose had the honor of performing the national anthem at the Miami Dolphins vs. Denver Broncos game in Miami, where her soulful rendition captivated fans and players alike. Her performance was not only a display of vocal prowess but also a heartfelt tribute to the unity and spirit of the American people, highlighting once again the influence and talent of the Latin community in the United States.

About Elena Rose:
Elena Rose is a Latin Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter. Her lyrical prowess is echoed in hits by performers like Becky G, Rauw Alejandro, Selena Gomez, Daddy Yankee, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez. With an impactful career as a songwriter, Elena decided to be the voice for her lyrics by launching her career as a solo artist in 2020. That same year Elena was distinguished an “Artist on The Rise” by Billboard and has since garnered more than 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and received nominations for Premios Juventud and Premio Lo Nuestro, and a Premios Tu Musica Urbano for Top New Artist — Female.

As an artist, she has co-written and featured on Bad Bunny’s “Party,” Mora’s “Playa Privada,” Sebastian Yatra’s “Quererte Bonito” and Becky G’s “Flashback.” Her most notable singles as a solo artist include “Bayamon,” “El Hombre,” “Disculpa Amiga,” and her latest, “Linda Natural.” Elena introduces new music with an intuitive and direct approach that empowers and inspires her listeners, while injecting them with a dose of her unrivaled attitude and refreshing self-assurance.

David Guetta apple/spotify podcast for 360 MAGAZINE cover.

IMAGINE David Guetta

On the heels of a major milestone, 360 MAGAZINE releases a snippet from David Guetta‘s previous cover story. On the brief 360® broadcast, Guetta lightly touches on his journey onto becoming one of the most prolific recording artists of all time. Lastly, the renowned DJ/producer mentions his 2014 collaboration with UNICEF, Imagine, featuring Idris Elba, Katy Perry,, Yoko Ono, Nicole Scherzinger, Cody Simpson. Dubbed as the world’s largest sing-along song.

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Fall issue of ELLE Decoration Canada via 360 MAGAZINE.


KO Media is excited to unveil the Fall issue of ELLE Decoration Canada, featuring punchy indoor refreshes, a growing love of collectibles, and vintage walls that bare it all.
As the weather chilled out, we brought a bit of year-round sunny glow indoors thanks to three Canadian lighting designers who gave us a light show packed with colourful table lamps, warm, diffuse textures and solid block inspiration.
Globe-trotting architect Richard Tseng shared his universal vision full of undulating wooden curves and nostalgic inspiration, while Quebec ceramic artist Pascale Girardin put her largescale sculptures (and a desire to build community) on display, in collaboration with artist and designer Maud Beauchamp.
On the style front, our editors got the low-down on the dos and don’ts within the glass-clad world of bay windows. They also explored how goods by everyone’s favourite Swedish giant, IKEA, became must-have collector’s items, learned to keep kitchens both stylish and practical with bronze accents and marbled tops, and got all wrapped up in pure wool, from impossibly soft mohair throws to alpaca blankets so stylish you’ll want to fling them over your shoulder like a scarf.
We got sneak peeks of glow-ups galore as Canadian design firms showed us an MCM classic with reborn clean lines in Vancouver and an Ontarian treasure trove of a 19th century farmhouse. And Toronto designer Ashley Botten’s modern remodel helped us kick back with tone-on-tone neutral shades, while La Shed co-founder Sébastien Parent showed us around a soul-saving makeover in Montreal.
Design-savvy mobile homes got us dreaming about a next-level kind of life on wheels, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor wood-burning fireplaces. We headed back in time for a quick throwback glimpse at Montreal’s architectural icon, Habitat 67, before letting our minds plunge through a time warp thanks to Ming-Dynasty-and-Manga-inspired sculpture by Brendan Lee Satish Tang.
The Fall issue of ELLE Decoration Canada will hit stands and Apple News+ on September 25, 2023.  

KO Média also publishes ELLE Décoration Québec, ELLE QuébecMagazine VÉROdi Stasio, and K pour Katrine magazines.

ONE House Music releases Eyes Up via 360 MAGAZINE.

One House – EYES UP

ONE House Music is on a mission to inspire hope and transform hearts with new EP, Eyes Up.

ONE House’s “Last Time” featuring Isaiah Roberts and

“I’d Be Lying” ft Sondae & Mitch Wong streaming now!

ONE House Music, a collective of diverse musicians, vocalists, songwriters, and producers will release their new EP, Eyes Up, to be released on October 6th through REThink/Capitol CMG. The collective was founded by Pastor Touré Roberts at ONE | A Potter’s House Church (Los Angeles) led by he and his wife, Sarah Jakes Roberts, both senior pastors of the church.

ONE House Music is the musical extension of the ONE Church’s global movement to create transformational experiences for people outside of the church. The name ONE House Music came through the uniting of two powerful ministries – ONE Church founded by Pastor Touré Roberts and the famed Potter’s House founded by Senior Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts’ father, Bishop T.D. Jakes. After the couple’s marriage, ONE became a Potter’s House Church in Los Angeles.

“ONE House is best described as one house with many rooms,” explains Pastor Touré, founder of ONE House Music and ONE Church in Los Angeles, CA. “ONE House is a multi-cultural, multi-racial collective of artists, songwriters, and producers who are intentional about creating music to reach people beyond the walls of the church. If you explore the House, you’ll hear us listening to everything from R&B, hip-hop, reggae, Afrobeats, pop, praise & worship, and gospel, so the music that comes out of ONE House like the people who are part of the ONE movement are richly diverse. Our main goal as a collective is to bring our faith and music to people beyond the four walls of the church. Wherever we can bring transformation, that’s where we’re going.”

The Eyes Up EP is ONE House Music’s follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album, Live Again, which was released in March 2022.

ONE House single, “‘Last Time,” ft Isaiah Roberts, produced by Brunes Charles, Adale Jackson, and Touré Roberts is a bold declaration of freedom born out of a moment of repentance,” shares Isaiah. “It’s a song about taking responsibility for the things I’ve done in the past and making a conscious decision not to do them again. ‘Last Time’ was inspired by an honest conversation I had with myself about letting go of the vices that had kept me from being truly fulfilled. The song is the ultimate accountability partner for people who are trying to make better life decisions. It’s also a reminder not to slip up again.”

In a ONE-produced conversation, Be Free with Touré & Isaiah Roberts the father and son talk about the industry, unspoken expectations, and how to reach the unchurched without being preachy. Isaiah shares more about being authentically who God called him to be and not what others expect. He also shares that strengthening his faith helped free him from returning to certain vices. In the conversation, he also shared that as his faith increased, his music also changed.

A second song available for streaming is “I’d Be Lying,” performed by ONE House featuring Sondae & Mitch Wong and produced by Brunes Charles, Sondae Skipp, MFLO, and Touré Roberts. ONE House songwriter and Creative Director, Kyle McHargh explains, “I’d Be Lying was written from the perspective of someone who realized that after trying to do things on their own they were lying to themselves and needed God.”

Visit their website at

Follow @ONEHouseMusic

Stream “Last Time”

Click here to Pre-Save Eyes Up EP

Gucci Jewelry campaign via 360 MAGAZINE.


The new Gucci Jewelry campaign, Creative Director Sabato De Sarno’s first for the House, stars Daria Werbowy wearing pieces from the Marina Chain jewelry collection. It captured through the lens of photographer David Sims

The campaign and those who brought it to life are a celebration of Sabato’s debut in the world of fashion all those years ago, and of another debut, this time, at Gucci. The Marina Chain jewelry collection, whose distinctive design is inspired by the chain of an anchor, was introduced in the late 1960s in the form of a bracelet. Reappearing throughout the decades that followed, Marina Chain has come to represent an iconic element of Gucci’s history and the signature collection of the House’s jewelry offering.

The campaign was shot at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and embodies Sabato’s vision.

Gucci Jewelry campaign via 360 MAGAZINE.
Gucci Jewelry campaign via 360 MAGAZINE.


Creative Director: Sabato De Sarno

Artistic Director: Riccardo Zanola

Art Director: Ezra Petronio & Lana Petrusevych

Director & Photographer: David Sims

Talent: Daria Werbowy

Stylist: Alastair McKimm

Make-Up: Lucia Pieroni

Hair: Shay Ashual

Merging Verses NFT presentation at G Gallery in Soho for New York Fashion Week via 360 MAGAZINE.

What is a 51% attack on a Blockchain?

Let’s know about it 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology stand out due to their decentralization, which leads to networks that are not under any central authority’s control. These networks function through a decentralized system of computers working collectively to authenticate transactions and ensure security. Even though blockchain networks are generally able to resist cyber attacks and malicious individuals, they are not entirely immune. A 51% attack is a type of attack that takes place when a sole entity is in control of the majority of the mining on a particular blockchain network. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of what constitutes a 51% attack. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit Immédiate Edge

About 51% Attack 

A 51% attack is usually a scenario where one individual can take control of any blockchain network’s mining power, computer power and hash rate greater than 50%. An attack like this might have a variety of adverse impacts on the functioning of a blockchain and may let an assailant get control over numerous features of the blockchain. Nonetheless, a 51% attack wouldn’t permit an assailant to stop transactions from being generated or maybe reverse transactions by any system participant apart from themselves. It’s also not possible for an assailant to make use of a 51% attack to produce new coins like Bitcoin or even get control of tokens in a chain.

Meaning of Double Spending 

Digital currencies come with a possibility that double spending isn’t. It happens whenever a blockchain system is altered and a piece of cryptocurrency may be used fraudulently at a lot more than once. You cannot spend the same $20 at a different shop if you purchase a product with a USD 20 note. When a 51% attack takes place, though, the miner who handles over half of the mining can regulate the transactions system, letting them double spend.

How does the process of mining operate?

Bitcoin and blockchain technology work using a decentralized method which assembles, safeguards and validates transaction details without the requirement of a central authority or third party. The Bitcoin blockchain is composed of more than 10,000 computer nodes (mining nodes) that work in concert to make sure that the Bitcoin process guidelines are adhered to and that everyone in the group in the system consent to the present condition.

This particular agreement, which is known as consensus, demands that all system participants concur with the present version of the Bitcoin application used, mining procedures and the way transactions are verified. For instance, the Bitcoin system utilizes a Proof of Work algorithm known as a consensus algorithm. 

Miners gather transactions in this method and place them right into blocks which are included in the blockchain. To prevent fake blocks, a miner may just add a block whenever other nodes concur the miner has discovered the proper solution. Miners have to show they’ve put in a lot of effort to complete the transactions. This enables the Bitcoin blockchain self-control without the requirement for central power and also stops any one individual from taking over. A miner that attempts to post a fake block is rejected.

Is it easy to execute 51% attacks?

For maintenance and security, a blockchain network depends upon numerous nodes. The greater number of nodes you have, the more difficult it is to attack the network. Much more powerful miners have a higher possibility of completing puzzles and obtaining rewards. As the blockchain expands, it is going to become tougher to reverse the actions. As each block is associated with the prior blocks, it’s virtually impossible to alter it. Smaller networks can be susceptible to 51% attacks, particularly when they have a smaller computing power.