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Health and Fitness Expert Sues NY

Derek Alessi, Ph.D, has filed a complaint against the Empire State Development Company of New York citing restraint of trade and in violation of Equal Rights Under Law Contrary to the US and New York Constitution. Derek Alessi, Ph. D. has been practicing in the field of fitness and nutrition for over 26-years. As an […]

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How To Stay Healthy the Easy Way

At the beginning of the year many people may make resolutions, whether it is going to an e cig shop instead of buying another pack of cigarettes, or vowing to lose 20 pounds. However, many may also find that it is easier to make a resolution than to keep it. That doesn’t mean, though, that getting or […]

Equinox Members Feel Bamboozled

After The Related Companies (parent company of Equinox, SoulCycle, Hudson Yards) Founder/Chairman Stephen M. Ross announced his Trump fundraiser (tickets which will cost up to $250,000) in the Hamptons, all hell broke loose – tons of memberships have been cancelled online, over the telephone and in person. After all, Ross is a ‘passive investor’ for […]