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Independent Women’s Voice applauds U.S. Senate candidate Leora Levy (R-CT) for signing the Women’s Bill of Rights

Soccer Illustration by Hannah Beck for use by 360 MAGAZINE.

Men’s vs. Women’s UEFA Champions League Finals

While sports in the United States are slowly beginning to return to normal, the Champions League in Europe has been in full swing since August, and next Sunday Manchester City will play Chelsea in the UEFA Men’s Champions League Final. What most of you probably don’t know, and what even most soccer players don’t know […]

Transgender illustration by Rita Azar for 360 Magazine

Anti-Trans Bill Passages

First Anti-Trans Bill of 2021 Heads to Mississippi Governor’s Desk Bill is the first specifically anti-transgender piece of legislation to pass a legislature this session, and the second anti-LGBTQ piece of legislation to do so Mississippi passed SB 2536, an anti-transgender sports bill. This bill marks the first piece of specifically anti-transgender legislation this year […]

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Health and Fitness Expert Sues NY

Derek Alessi, Ph.D, has filed a complaint against the Empire State Development Company of New York citing restraint of trade and in violation of Equal Rights Under Law Contrary to the US and New York Constitution. Derek Alessi, Ph. D. has been practicing in the field of fitness and nutrition for over 26-years. As an […]