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David Alfonso ANNUKO Barbershop via ANNUKO for use by 360 MAGAZINE


360 MAGAZINE’s Vaughn Lowery speaks with David Alfonso, CEO/President of the AAPI-owned LA barbershop, ANNUKO.

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What You Need To Know About Ivy League Haircut

Perhaps, if you are reading on this page, you wanted to know more about ivy league haircut, and possibly learn how you can wear it. Well, this guide will help you know more about this phenomenal men’s hairstyle and how to rock it. To start, this haircut originated from the United States. Since then, the […]

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Let Your Layered Hair Express Your Impressive Sense Of Style

We live during the times when everything possible. This means that no matter your tastes and preferences you can opt for any cut that appeals to you. However, when doing that you need to keep the simple fact in mind even if you can get the cut, it does not mean that it is going […]


By Andrew Carey Irving Step 1: Daily Micro-Scrub Exfoliants I’ve used in the past have either been like sandpaper, or the opposite, where I can barely feel any results. This is just right. It doesn’t feel too rough, but you can tell it’s getting rid of that dead layer of skin. Smells good too! Step 02: […]