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What You Need To Know About Ivy League Haircut

Perhaps, if you are reading on this page, you wanted to know more about ivy league haircut, and possibly learn how you can wear it. Well, this guide will help you know more about this phenomenal men’s hairstyle and how to rock it.

To start, this haircut originated from the United States. Since then, the haircut has become common among men, and everyone wants to try it out. Here’s is all you need to understand about the ivy league haircut.

  • What Is The Ivy League Haircut?

This haircut resembles the crew cut, but it has enough length on the crown that allows you to part the hair to the sides. As its name suggests, it is very easy for anyone to guess that it originated from Harvard. Think about any American movie cast on campus, and you will know you have seen it. Fundamentally, this haircut is rocked as a slightly extended and smarter version of its cousin short crew haircut.

  • What Is The Right Length Of Hair For The Ivy League Hairstyle?

Just like the crew cut, the Ivy League hairstyle is a short haircut, but it is styled with subtly longer length on the top and also with slightly longer length on the back and the sides. You will need around 1.6-2 inches of hair on the front, and graduated shorter towards the crown.

You need the hair on the sides to be somewhere between two inches and five inches and include a taper for a classic Ivy League cut. Choose anything short and faded, and you will rock one of the modern modification of a crew cut.

  • How to Tell Your Barber to Style the Ivy League Hairstyle for You.

As we always say, the names of different haircuts don’t have a lot of meaning nowadays. All you need to do is take a picture of the ivy league haircut you need and take it to your barber. It is recommended to choose variations of them so that the hairdresser can look at them and choose the best one for you.

Regardless of whatever Ivy League cut variation you choose, tell your barber to include texture to your entire style. This gives your hair messier and textured appearance and makes it pretty easier to style at home.

  • Products to Use to Style Your Ivy League Hairstyle.

One thing we love about ivy league haircut is its ease of styling and also maintaining. By styling your hair too short and also textured, it takes you little time to get your hair in place. You may choose matte clay or any other texturizing hair product to achieve the needed texture and hold.

After applying the product, sweep your hair to either side for a classic haircut. You can achieve this using a comb for a beautiful look. You may as well use your fingers if you want to maintain the textured, messy look. You may also opt for a side part, which is a traditional way to rock the Ivy League cut.

  • Whom Does The Ivy League Hairstyle Fit

Fortunately, you don’t require an ivy league haircut class in place to know whether the haircut can fit you or not. It looks excellent on any guy who is looking for a smart look that can be rocked for almost all events. With textured hair, it gives you a style that can be easily styled in the morning for the guys who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair. 

However, there are more formal and clean Ivy League hairstyles compared to casual styles. Perhaps, this is because of its origin, which is a scholarly one. So if you want to make a fashionable, yet chic and sophisticated look for formal events, opt for more formal haircuts. The best thing is that these haircuts, though formal. It doesn’t require a lot of styling, as you will find with the other types of formal haircuts. 

You may choose haircut variations that look great on medium length hair. Regardless of your hair type, whether thick or thin, you are sure you will find a hairstyle that rocks you. Ivy haircuts are known for their neat and tidy look that basically suits formal ambiance.