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farming illustration by Nicole salazar for use by 360 Magazine

The Modern-Day Farmer: Innovation on a 100-Year-Old Farm

By: Matt Billings You could call me a third-generation almond farmer turned “entrepreneurial yogurt innovator;” and those two titles are linked more than you can imagine. I’ve been able to combine my love of the land and our family farm with a drive to innovate and create, adding a whole new branch to our family […]

MIT: Liver transplant deaths reduced by 20%

Demand for liver transplants is much higher than organ supply, resulting in approximately 2,400 deaths every year. Also problematic is the current model used to identify and prioritize the “sickest” patients, which does not allow for equitable access to all waitlisted candidates, with a particular disadvantage to women. To address these issues, MIT Sloan School […]


WIXTER MARKET COLLABORATES WITH FAHLSTROM’S FRESH FISH MARKET TO OFFER THE LARGEST SELECTION OF CONSERVAS IN CHICAGO Conservas Arrive At Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market Bringing An Extensive Selection of Quality Seafood to the Midwest Wixter Market (2110 W. Division St) is collaborating with Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market (1258 W Belmont Ave) to install twenty-nine of […]

Gift Guide × Health Conscious Foodie

(Photo credit— VeganSmart Instagram) Each holiday is filled with homemade recipes and delicious snacks, making it a foodie’s favorite time of year. This year, instead of gifting the foodie in your life one of their favorite treats, why not step it up by introducing them to new, healthy flavors their taste buds will love.    […]