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Backyarding Trends

The TurfMutt Foundation Predicts “Backyarding” To Become Permanent Trend

“Backyarding,” the new trend to move many indoor activities–from working in an office or classroom to dining and recreation–to the great outdoors, is growing. Under pandemic conditions, yards and other managed landscapes became a safe haven for social gatherings, celebrating milestones/holidays, working, studying, playing, exercising, relaxing.  
“Your own backyard is nearly limitless with possibilities, and homeowners got really creative as they expanded and enjoyed their yards over the last year,” said Kris Kiser, President & CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) and the TurfMutt Foundation. “We predict, long after the COVID-19 pandemic passes, our yards will become an even greater part of our lives. The notion of ‘backyarding’ is here to stay.” 
In 2020, home improvements – many of them in the backyard – skyrocketed. So did the demand for outdoor power equipment as homeowners invested in making their outdoor spaces fabulous, functional and flourishing. Overall, shipments of outdoor power equipment increased 16 percent in 2020.
“Expect people to continue to invest in their outdoor life this coming spring,” said Kiser. “Many homeowners who put time and effort into their landscapes last year will be rewarded when that yard comes back to life this spring. But, even if you did little last year, it’s never too late to start – just start.”  
Here are some ways to bring more “backyarding” into your life:  
1.    Invest in your yard. Design a dream lawn and garden. Consider its purpose. Don’t design just for aesthetics. Do you have kids and pets who need a place to play? Will you be hosting safe gatherings? Do you need a place for rest and relaxation and/or games and recreation?
2.    Get the whole family involved. Create a game or a friendly competition with your family to help identify all the ways you can move your indoor life to the great outdoors – and right out your backdoor. Can you take office calls and video meetings to the patio or porch? Can your kids do their online learning outdoors? How often can you take dining outside? Keeping safety in mind, can you gather outdoors for family celebrations, birthdays, graduations and reunions? 
3.    Plant something—as early as you can. (Or plant more). Adding trees, bushes, grass and flowering plants is a good yard investment, but they often take time to grow. Plant as early as recommended so you can enjoy the benefits faster.  Just remember “right plant, right place.”  Location, maintenance, sunlight and watering needs should all be considered, as well as your climate zone.
4.    Stretch winter-weary muscles. Take workouts, yoga classes and meditation sessions outdoors. You also can let off some steam by mowing the grass, trimming the hedges, or edging the lawn. Working in the yard not only helps our living landscapes look better and stay healthy, it also gives us a sense of accomplishment and control in trying times. 
5.    Plan a staycation. A makeshift “resort” or vacation spot could be just out your back door. Pitch a tent, build a campfire, hang a sheet between trees to make a movie screen, set up games – these are just a few ideas to make the backyard a vacation spot. 
6. “Level up” nature care. Add flowering plants, trees and shrubs to give wildlife and pollinators food and shelter. Your yard is part of the larger ecosystem, so check your climate zone for landscaping options that support your birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife. Don’t forget to take time to just sit and drink it in, observing the wildlife and nature around you.
Research shows simply spending time in nature – which starts in your backyard – is good for reducing stress, boosting heart health, boosting Vitamin D levels, and enhancing memory.  Thanks to the family yard, the health and well-being benefits of being outside are just a few steps away.
To learn more, go to TurfMutt

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Mosquito Season

How to Prepare for Mosquito Season

Mosquito season is right around the corner. If you happen to live in warmer regions of the country, you might already be seeing some mosquito activity around your home. Even if it will be a couple of months until the warm weather reaches your part of the country, it is very important to prepare for mosquito season early.

Here is why you should begin to prepare for mosquito season early and some ways to do that:

Why should I prepare for mosquito season early?

  • Mosquitoes may already be in your yard: While they seem to disappear in the colder months of the year, some mosquitoes can in fact survive the winter. How? Through a process called overwintering. Overwintering is when female mosquitoes lay their eggs before winter, and the eggs survive and eventually hatch when temperatures rise again.
  • Being prepared means avoiding unnecessary hassle: Why wait until your yard is filled with mosquitoes to do something about them? By preparing early, you can lessen the stress of mosquito season and focus on enjoying your outdoor space.

How should I prepare for mosquito season?

There are a number of ways you can get ready for the beginning of mosquito season and help prevent bites around your home. Below are a few:

  • Hire your local mosquito control company: The best way to beat mosquitoes is to enlist the help of a professional. Our specialists at Mosquito Authority are committed to doing everything possible to ensure your home and yard are mosquito-free zones. Our treatments are even designed to break up the 21-day lifecycle of mosquitoes, which means you won’t be bothered in between treatments.
  • Be aware of the best mosquito repellents and how to use them: Although your home will be mosquito-free after your Mosquito Authority treatments, other outdoor areas might not be. If you are planning on hiking, going to the park, or participating in any other outdoor activities in the spring and summer, make sure to apply insect repellent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend using products that contain DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or other EPA-registered products.
  • Make sure your yard isn’t a breeding ground for mosquitoes: Mosquitoes need water to lay eggs, which is why any areas of standing water make for popular mosquito breeding grounds. As the snow begins to melt (or you start to experience more rainfall), standing water will start building up around your yard. A big part of DIY mosquito control is getting rid of standing water near your home; this includes tipping over items like trash can lids, tire swings, and children’s toys to empty the water out.

Joe Malinowski is the director of pest management for Mosquito Authority and Pest Authority. He has worked on the operational and corporate side of top companies in the pest control industry. Malinowski served as vice president of technical services at Orkin and vice president of sales for B&G Equipment Company. He also helped launch new and innovative products in the industry for ForeFront Product Design and SenesTech. Operational roles at the branch, regional, and divisional levels have given him an understanding of profit and loss, customer and employee retention, correct product and equipment selection, and precise training to ensure exceptional service.


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Whether you are celebrating the fun of fall returning (tailgating parties?!?!) or gearing up for the holiday season, BlissLights and BlissBulbs are an easy and innovative way to light up your home!

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The Pop-Up Exhibition Space and Marketplace Finds a Permanent New Home and Name Bringing Together Independent Makers and Artists Under One Roof. Formerly known as Wynwood Alley, a popular monthly art-watching experience and street-shopping destination nestled into a colorful and beguiling side street in the Wynwood neighborhood.

Wynwood Shop looks is serving as a community hub for creative shopping and recurring workshops such as graffiti painting to macramé making and woodcarving. More than an alternative shopping experience, Wynwood Shop is a strong supporter of the growing Miami independent maker community by offering learning experiences that foster the development of emerging makers.

As part of their overall commitment to expression and wellness, Wynwood Shop also features donation-based yoga every Tuesday by Rachel Hazen.  With so much to do and see at Wynwood Shop, you are surely to build an appetite. They currently feature Twice Butter, a Mexican food truck with plans to expand with three food concepts in their outdoor pop-up garden. It’s positioned to become the coolest new neighborhood hang in the Wynwood.

Upcoming Events:


unnamed (3)

You’ve heard it before: the eyes are the windows to the soul. Renown photographer Bridges Aderhold will photograph yours at Wynwood Shop this Saturday, August 12 from 7-11pm during Wynwood Art Walk! He’s photographed over 12,000 pairs of eyes around the world, and he’s available to snap yours, too.

Saturday, August 12 // Wynwood Art Walk

7 p.m. – 11 p.m. RSVP


unnamed (2)

Wynwood pioneer Michael Perez exhibits at Wynwood Shop, and we’re honored to be holding this show and promoting pop art. Michael Perez is a quintessentialal modern pop artist and always on the cutting edge; his art is dynamic and distinguished by his use of contrasting colors and shapes. His innovative artwork is most immediately recognized by his distinctive, unique faces, flowers and figures.

Saturday, August 19

7 p.m. – 11 p.m. RSVP



This one’s for the graffiti lovers! Miami street artist Maria Delvs sprays paint live. Support your local scene. KOBRA paint available on site.“My inspiration comes from strong, opinionated women. Women who make history and change the world drive me. I have a strong graffiti background but studied fashion and painting” -Maria Delvs

Saturday, August 19

8 p.m. – 10 p.m. RSVP


unnamed (1)

Interested in carving your own kitchen spoon? On Saturdays and Sundays at Wynwood Shop, Nima, sculptor and Miami native, will guide you from the know-hows of basic knife handling skills to the more technical carving/chipping techniques used for generations. Learn about exotic woods and how to shape them to their natural grain. Carve your own food-safe cooking spoon. We supply all the tools and exotic hardwoods to get you carving. Just bring your imagination! You go home with a finished spoon to use on your first day!  Our local carving workshop brings out the inner artisan in all of us.

Saturday + Sunday, August 12 + 13

2 p.m. – 6 p.m. RSVP


unnamed (2)

Every Tuesday at Wynwood Shop, join us for soft and smooth movement. Say goodbye to the noise and hello to inner-peace with Maslowfit. Get to breathe and open a space in your life that will bring positive vibes. This is a donation-based event; you pay what you feel it’s worth and what you are able to contribute. Together as a community, we decide our vibe.

Tuesday, August 15

7 p.m. – 8 p.m. RSVP


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Meet Yogi extraordinaire Yudy Arias, physical and spiritual guide to renown figures such as actress and model Karen Martines and singer Juanes. Her passion and knowledge of yoga is deep. She offers a journey to awake the senses through movement and calmed guidance. She is also well known for her incredible life coaching, and inspiring her nephew, the known superstar reggaeton singer Maluma.

Tuesday, August 26

10 a.m. – 11 a.m. RSVP

Led by founder and director Diana Gonzalez, the team at Wynwood Shop curates original works by emerging artists and brands, creating an opportunity for exposure and growth for South Florida’s artistic movement. Wynwood Alley, now Wynwood Shop, was established in 2013 when Gonzalez saw the need for a common space that could serve as a stable platform for local artists, musicians, and small brands to showcase their work.  With the help of pop artist Michael Perez and Gallery 212 Miami, they created a monthly street market that would become an artistic and artisanal hub – and eventually an inherent part of the Wynwood art scene. In spring of 2017, the marketplace evolved into a permanent space at 196 NW 24th Street in Wynwood, Florida as a gallery and shop. Exhibits and merchandise focus on bringing together creative makers and artists and promote emerging talent and brands from around the world with a strong focus on Miami. Additionally, Wynwood Shop is now an official South Florida distributor of world famous, artist-favorite, Kobra Paint.