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Tips for Getting a Job Related to Pop Culture

If you know a lot about pop culture, you might have considered working in the field before. When it comes to getting a job, having a lot of knowledge will give you an advantage over your competitors as long as you know the right way to use it. Believe it or not, there are many chances to start a new career, especially if you’re considering integrating graphic design or writing. 

Preparing to Start a New Career

No matter what field you’re considering entering, having the right training can boost your resume. So, before you start applying to jobs, consider getting a degree in your chosen field. For example, if you’re thinking about going into writing, you might major in journalism or English. And if graphic design appeals to you more, get the training you need with a graphic design degree. Many times, students worry about paying for school, and other times, students are lucky enough to receive their parents’ help. For parents who take out Parent PLUS loans to help their children go to college, the good news is that these loans can be refinanced, leading to a reduced interest rate and the possibility of paying off their debts sooner. That’s why you might want to look into taking out a private student loan. Before signing the papers, it’s a good idea to do your research. For example, consider using a student loan repayment calculator to estimate what your monthly payments may be. That’ll help you create a realistic repayment plan, so your debt doesn’t overwhelm you.

Writing and Pop Culture

If you’re interested in writing, you might have a successful career path. For example, you could work as a freelance or staff writer and write about celebrities. Or you could be a content creator and create pieces for pop culture blogs. If you want to do more serious work, consider working in journalism. You may be able to create pieces on famous actors or other celebrities. If writing doesn’t appeal to you, consider going into editing, where you help the pieces created by others flow smoothly. You might feel that you’re interested in this job, but you may not want to leave your current job. Or you may still be in school and want to see what the career involves. You may consider working part-time as a freelancer, so you gain some experience. That’ll help you decide if this career is for you.

Graphic Design

You might decide that graphic design fits your skills better. If that’s the case, you could choose a career that involves making logos for pop culture events or making covers for magazines. You could also make posters for events or movies. And you could even get a job that includes making memes for social media accounts. If you study graphic design in college, you’ll get the skills you need to be successful. And if you decide not to go to college, you can still find online courses to get the experience you need. 

Tips for Success

It’s easy to tell yourself that a job doing freelance writing or creating logos isn’t an important job and doesn’t relate to your career goals. But this is not the case. For example, if you can create a social media post that goes viral, you’re already on the path to success. No matter what you ultimately want to achieve, it’s important to begin small. So, if your end goal is to work at an important magazine creating art, you’ll have to focus on getting the needed experience and skills first.

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Four Ways CompTIA A+ Credential Eases Your Job Hunting. Why Exam Dumps Matter?

Hunting for a job is a daunting task. It takes a lot of making through those thousands of resumes for one opening. From updating resumes to getting an interview call, each and everything about job hunting is exhausting. However, there are ways that will ease down your struggle and help you get hold of your dream job in no time.

Wondering what it is? It’s earning the latest and the most useful badge. Yes, having a mere mention of your certification will reduce your job hunting struggle by many folds. The kind of affinity hiring managers and HR have towards certifications is no longer a secret. And this fact holds more gravity in the IT industry.

Having a relevant badge lets the world believe that the candidate is more than ordinary. If you’re an IT beginner and looking for a major breakthrough to begin your career, then consider earning the Exam-Labs badge. If you do so, job hunting won’t be a struggle anymore. Read on to find the nuts and bolts of this subject matter.

CompTIA A+ Is Best Way to Ease Down Job Hunt Search
Every employer looks at certain qualities and traits in the future employee. Also, the company wants to reap the maximum return on their investment. So, keep looking for such candidates who can be beneficial at every front. And if you want to get a job, you have to meet all these expectations. Here is how earning the A+ badge helps you in this.

● You will grab the attention in no time: We have already told you that hiring managers have a great affinity for badges. They hunt for candidates who have more than just a regular degree. When you have the CompTIA A+ badge by your side, you don’t search for your future employer. Your future employer searches for you. All you need to do is just pass two tests. This CompTIA Certification credential is no less than a blessing for a beginner. There is no official prerequisite to pursuing it so any entry-level IT specialist who has some 9-month experience in the IT industry as recommended by the vendor can achieve the A+ badge.

You don’t have to struggle to let the world know your abilities: When a hiring manager goes through the application received, various filters are used to get the best results. The most important one is the authenticity of the education resource. We all know that candidates from high-ranking institutes caught the attention of hiring managers at first. But, what if you were not able to make it to any big institute during your graduation? Should you not dream of a better future then? No. You must think of earning your CompTIA A+ credential as it is managed by a trusted and renowned IT leader company. The whole world knows that there is a huge group of best-of IT minds behind this CompTIA Security+ Certification. They have designed, updated, and monitored it continuously. So, you don’t have to struggle hard to let the world know that you are also part of a trusted institute. The logo of CompTIA will do this for you.

You can explore wide job profiles with a good salary: When you have expertise in only one skill/technology, you become eligible for only one job role. This also increases your job agony as hunting a job within a limited area makes it a more competitive task. The CompTIA A+ infuses a wide range of skills. As one needs to pass two different tests to earn this badge, there is hardly anything left behind when we speak of the skills learned. The first test, which is the CompTIA A+ 220-1001, lays great emphasis on technology associated with mobile devices and hardware. You also gain detailed knowledge of networking technology, virtualization, and cloud computing, and network troubleshooting. The other one, with code CompTIA Network+ Certification, was designed to make you competent in installing and configuring operating systems, software troubleshooting, expanded security, and operational procedures. Such a diverse skill set makes you eligible for various job roles. You can apply for a position of a service desk analyst, help desk tech, field service technician, desktop support administrator, technical support specialist, and many other inter-related job roles that will pay you a lot. As for the A+ certification and the salary it will bring you, it equals $61k yearly in accordance with the website. In a nutshell, you will have more options to explore and struggle less after having the CompTIA A+ credential by your side as it makes you competent in a bevy of skills.

● You can defend your candidacy with full confidence: IT is one industry where having hands-on knowledge matters more than anything. Here, your conjectural knowledge is valuable only if you are aware of its real-time application. Else, it’s just junk for your employer. The CompTIA A+ Certification exams contain various types of questions to testify your conjectural as well as practical knowledge on the IT concepts. Their performance-based format has been specially designed for this purpose. By the time you end-up earning this badge, you will have impeccable hands-on knowledge of many basic-to-advance IT concepts. It makes you a real-time problem-solver and makes you able to think on your feet. So, when the interviewer asks you to resolve a real-time issue, you can do it with full perfection, accuracy, and confidence. You can easily let the world know your standing.

Why Opt for Exam Dumps?
If you are ready to start pursuing the A+ certification, you must remember that you’ll have to go through two tough exams and each will cost you $226. Not to lose your time and money during your prep process, it’s advisable for you to make use of quality exam dumps available on trustworthy platforms. But how can one find them? Well, we’re here to help you! Check out,, or and you will find both free and paid 220-1001 and 220-1002 exam dumps! Utilizing dumps from these providers is vital as they are 100% accurate, regularly updated, and get you acquainted with the upcoming exams and their structures.

So, Ready to Kick Start IT Career?
Having a firm standing in today’s cut-throat world and a dream job is not easy. You have to be more than a regular candidate and own skills that no one can overlook. The CompTIA A+ credential is one way that will help you get hold of this. It equips you with best-of-breed and updated IT knowledge and shape you at every front. So, get it to know and bring your job hunting struggle to an end. And remember what will assist you in this? Yes, accurate and reliable exam dumps.

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Digital Nomads

Telecommunication infrastructure, a changing working culture, and availability of gadgets are making it easier for people to work from anywhere. This has created a class of digital nomads who work on freelance writing jobs from anywhere, make a decent living, and enjoy life while at it. All a person requires to become a digital nomad is a laptop or computer gadget like a tablet, internet connection, and a place to sit.

Digital nomads are working from such unconventional places as cafeterias, public parks, libraries, and co-working spaces, among such other flexible places. As the name suggests, they are nomads who have shunned the conventional office space to work from anywhere.

Why Become A Digital Nomad

A lot of employers are looking for ideas on how to cut down on office and operational expenses. They are outsourcing services that are non-essential to freelancers around the world. Freelancing is, therefore, presenting a rewarding working opportunity for these digital nomads.
Traditional work environments are also tiring and unattractive. You are forced to get to the office at 8 and leave at 5. The current workforce desires a flexible work environment where you can relax without unwarranted or bossy supervision after completing your task for the day. The opportunity to work in a nomadic setup, therefore, becomes extremely attractive to a present-day generation of workers.

Travel While You Work

Everyone would love to travel the world. However, an 8-5 job cannot allow you to travel because it confines you to a particular office location. A digital nomad works from anywhere he or she feels comfortable. This could be a park, office rooftop, on a train, or café, among such other relaxing areas. It is interesting to travel without incurring expenses or risking your work.
Some of the job opportunities for digital nomads include app development, content writing, programming, and editing. You have to pitch to direct clients or register at a website that allows you to pick these jobs. Other jobs that suit digital nomads include affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO specialists, and social media managers. The jobs still require skills, customer satisfaction, and commitment.

A digital nomad is a freelancer who chooses to work while he or she travels. It is an excellent opportunity for graduates before they settle and start families. The chance to travel while you still work and earn a decent income while it makes digital nomad experience attractive. To survive in the industry, you must gain the right skills, get clients to provide the work and commit to delivering quality work.

BRAG Announces 48th Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala

BRAG, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, has announced the 2018 honorees for the 48th Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala will include Bloomingdale’s Vice President of Integrated Marketing Kevin Harter, LIM College President Elizabeth S. Marcuse, and Balmain Managing Director Shawn Pean This year’s award ceremony will be held on Friday, October 19, 2018at The Edison Ballroom located at 240 West 47th Street, New York, NY at 6pm.

“We are so excited to celebrate these fashion industry leaders whose work history and efforts demonstrate visions that are aligned with our brand mission; to prepare and educate professionals, entrepreneurs and students of color for executive leadership roles in retail, fashion and related industries,” said BRAG co-presidents Nicole Cokley Dunlap and Shawn Outler.

Committed to attracting and cultivating a diverse bench of talent needed to drive innovation in the fashion industry, the 2018 48th Annual BRAG Scholarship & Awards Gala recognizes the achievements of exceptional individuals who are redefining the future of retail and fashion. Scholarships will also be awarded to college students who demonstrate an interest in fashion and have the aptitude to become future leaders.

Past BRAG Gala honorees have included fashion mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, supermodel Naomi Campbell, NFL superstar Victor Cruz, entrepreneur Magic Johnson, designer Zac Posen and Macy’s CEO Terry J. Lundgren.

Since 1970, BRAG has provided professional development, mentorship, and job opportunities for thousands of alumni through internships, workshops, panel discussions, and networking events.  The annual gala is the organization’s marquee event that includes a three-course dinner, cocktails, music and entertainment, attracting the who’s who in fashion, art, entertainment, business and philanthropy, which, to date, has helped BRAG award over $1 million in scholarships to students who have achieved academic success and demonstrated a need for financial aid.

For more information on BRAG and/or the 2018 BRAG honorees please visit  On social media, please follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.