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sometimes artwork from Nicole Hajjar, Republic Records Media, for use by 360 Magazine


Primed to leap from TikTok ubiquity to mainstream pop stardom, buzzing vocal phenomenon Camylio unveils his new single “sometimes” today via Republic Records—listen here. On the track, Camylio’s voice glides over sparse synths laced with icy guitar, recounting memories from a frayed relationship. This minimalism gives way to vocal fireworks on the hook as he cries out, “Sometimes love just isn’t […]

Fine Apple image provided by Nicole Hajjar and Republic Records for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Nic D Dishes Up Fine Apple

Stirring a new treat for his growing audiences of millions, buzzing rapper and singer Nic D dishes up the “Fine Apple” (Lemon & Line Remix) [feat. Bryce Vine] today. Listen to “Fine Apple” (Lemon & Lime Remix) [feat. Bryce Vine] HERE. On this version, multi-platinum pop/hip-hop maverick Bryce Vine adds another dimension to the track with […]

Tassia Zappia from Bryan Kehn from Republic Records Media for use by 360 Magazine

Tassia Zappia – When I Was Four

Increasing buzz following her critically acclaimed debut, Melbourne singer songwriter Tassia Zappia unveils a new single and music video entitled “When I Was Four” via Republic Records today. Listen to “When I Was Four” here. Watch the lyric video here. On the autobiographical track, her voice glides over soft piano as she details her journey from humble beginnings in Australia to the […]