Vaughn Lowery and Armon Hayes in Lamborghini via 360 MAGAZINE.

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Viribus Bikes

A modern-day electric tricycle for the fashionable and their fluffy. Tote your companions to the grocer and/or an open-air market. Weight Capacity is 330 lbs. Beautifully crafted and designed showstopper. Perfect for a flat pavement. You get up to 21 miles per charge. Pro – great for picking up all your supplies for a BBQ. Load a bag of coals, meats, and all of the necessities for a picnic in the park. Con – doesn’t steer well, but it’s a great accessory for the garden or rooftop. The seat has tons of cushion for your pushing. Extremely stylish and comes in handy for an older dog 🐕 that doesn’t want to walk long distances. The sleek and elegant skeleton makes it an excellent prop for a fashion editorial.

$889 offers an electric tricycle just in time for New York Fashion Week via 360 MAGAZINE. Reebok’s sold separately. offers an electric tricycle just in time for New York Fashion Week via 360 MAGAZINE. offers an electric tricycle just in time for New York Fashion Week via 360 MAGAZINE.

City Loo Starter Kit – Chic Cat/Dog Potty Set



  • White
  • Black


Finally, a modern indoor & outdoor pet potty solution that is chic and hassle-free way to ensure your pet’s potty needs are taken care of. The City Loo keeps your pets potty area discreet, sanitary, and safe for both you and your pet. 

The City Loo Starter Kit Includes:

The City Loo
1 Custom-Kit Odor Absorbing Tray
2 City Loo Artificial Grass Pads
100 City Loo Potty Pads

City Loo Door: Width 10” – Height low 14” – Height High 16”
City Loo: Height 21.25″ – Width 29.25″ – Depth 21″
City Loo Base: 30.75″ – 21.75″
Recommended for pets 11.5″-16″ tall at shoulders

The City Loo is designed for pets 20 pounds or under!

The City Loo is made of medium-density fiberboard with clear acrylic walls, stainless steel hinges, and an interchangeable dog door entrance.

City Loo dog or cat potty training via 360 magazine
City Loo Potty Set for dog or cat via 360 MAGAZINE.

1st come, 1st serve.

During the NFIF New York Fashion Week presentation, producers Javier Pedroza + D’angelo Thompson suprise Naima Mora with her 360 MAGAZINE cover, photographed by Vaughn Lowery.

Naima Mora, the winner of Tyra Banks‘ Americas Next Top Model [ANTM] Cycle 4 contest, is one of the most resilient Detroit natives. Mora’s story, which comes from a family of multigenerational artists, is provocative and will bring a glimmer of hope to any depleted spirit during these challenging times.

Naima Mora for 360 MAGAZINE NFIF New York Fashion Week cover photographed by Vaughn Lowery.

Naima Mora 360 MAGAZINE Credits

talent: @naimamora
photo: @vaughnlowery
creative: @jonahaze
wardrobe: @under.oneroofproductions
hair: @angelalynnware
makeup: @dtbeauty71
pub: @360magazine

Naima Mora on EW

Naima Mora Ted Talks

W.ill.iam 360 MAG Podcast

On the cusp of our 15th anniversary, we decided to re-release some of our top selling issues. Megastar has solidified his imprint in both the music industry and now humanity. LISTEN to archival footage on the following topics, he tackles: success in the music industry, green initiatives, and how educating our youth will lead to a more compassionate society. NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: covers 360 MAGAZINE’s “Golden Toad” compendium (4 issues in 1 from 2013) hard jacket.

In 2014, covers the compendium of 360 MAGAZINE now avail

It’s All Connected

  • Organized by: Satoshi’s Closet in partnership with New York Culture Club
  • Date: September 13, 2023
  • Venue: G Gallery, located in the heart of Soho, New York City
  • Theme: Exploration of the Interconnected Nature of Web3, Fashion, and the World
  • Audience: Enthusiasts of fashion and web3 technology
  • Event Highlights:
    An exclusive and intimate gathering during New York Fall Fashion Week.
    Focus on the intersection of technology and fashion innovation and their role in connectivity.
    Hosted by G Gallery, blending street-style aesthetics with chic surroundings.
    Features a diverse lineup of industry pioneers, including artists, designers, founders, and thought leaders.
    Engaging discussions centering on the dynamic relationships between technology, fashion, and societal evolution.
    Opportunities for attendees to interact with innovative minds and explore real-world applications that are reshaping multiple industries.
    Debut of groundbreaking technology for NFT ticketing, token-gating, connected apparel, and point-of-sale experiences.
    Homage to our first digital fashion NFT drop, a collaborative effort with 360 MAG podcast and Hive Global Media (including support fromroger/bitbasel) highlighting the importance of using technology to promote sustainable digital fashion:
    This first NFT drop introduces the concept of “merging verses,” symbolizing the convergence of technology and fashion.
    Info about other drop we did with Satoshis closet during nyfw 22:
    A sneak peek into the lunarprise mission, an initiative sending the first NFTs to space, with additional information available at
    • Our lunarprise mission drop continues the narrative of merging verses, taking the concept to new heights by venturing into space, pushing the boundaries of innovation in the digital fashion and technology space.

Who Decides War SS24

This past Sunday, clients Dave East & Fabolous seated front row at the @MurderBravado/ @WhoDecidesWar SS 24′ Runway Show! Dave and Fabolous both wore pieces from the new collections in support of the brand. After enjoying the show, they ended the night at the MRDR BVRO/Who Decides War after party hosted by Jean’s in Noho, Manhattan.





During NYFW, Vaughn + Armon build bonds like ex-cons by going back to the basics. From shoots, shows, and clothes, check out the duo as they expand the brand by re-imagining the band.

Actress/Model LaLa hosted a New York Fashion Week presentation for three graduates with a passion for fashion. After much anticipation, the motley crew of emerging designers embraced. It was a heartfelt engagement as they gazed into another’s eyes. ‘A dream no longer deferred.” After all, they received a $150K from UPS to design their collection.


This season, Justin Fields will be integrated into campaigns and content that showcase the breadth of the partnership across performance and lifestyle product stories. Additionally, Reebok and Fields will work together to amplify their shared love for the community through activations and charitable initiatives.

JUSTIN FIELDs collaboration with Reebok via 360 MAGAZINE.
JUSTIN FIELDs collaboration announcement with Reebok via 360 MAGAZINE.


Hosted by Naima Mora.

Runway Presentation




Attendees chosen, as BEST DRESSED, will receive a pair. Be sure to visit