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A.X.E.: JUDGEMENT DAY #5 cover art via Marvel Comics for use by 360 MAGAZINE


The next Marvel Comics crossover epic, A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY #5 will see the Avengers, the X-Men, the Eternals, and more will face judgment on a cosmic scale with the very fate of the Marvel Universe hanging in the balance.

A.X.E.: JUDGEMENT DAY is coming promo graphic via Marvel Entertainment for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Judgement Day is Coming

Krakoa braces itself for war when mutantkind is targeted by the Eternals! Do the Avengers stand a chance at preventing an apocalyptic conflict from erupting across the Marvel Universe? Find out in A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY, the latest Marvel Comics crossover event launching this summer.

Imortal X-Men 3 Cover Art via Mark Brooks for use by 360 Magazine

Destiny of X Continues

The next era of X-Men is on the horizon! With fresh new titles, exciting creative team changes, and cast shakeups, DESTINY OF X will be a season of radical transformation for the X-Men line and its characters. The possibilities are endless as the second Krakoan age begins over the next few months. And right now, […]

Marvel Judgment Day teaser photo via Anthony Blackwood for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Marvel Judgment Day

From the revolutionary writer Kieron Gillen and legendary artist Valerio Schiti comes JUDGMENT DAY, the new Marvel Comics blockbuster that opens up the Marvel Universe like you’ve never seen it before. Working on projects such as ETERNALS and IMMORTAL X-MEN, we see Gillen defining a brand-new storyline with the addition of Jason Aaron and Javier […]

FCBD Avengers/X-Men Cover Arti via Marvel Comics for Valerio Schiti for use by 360 Magazine

FCBD: Avengers/X-Men

Marvel Comics will celebrate Free Comic Book Day this year with three separate Free Comic one-shots including “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: AVENGERS/X-MEN #1”. Packed with three stories, “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: AVENGERS/X-MEN” will offer fans new and old an exciting entry point into some of Marvel’s biggest upcoming stories and characters! Announced earlier, the next […]