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Dirt Bike via Mina Tocalini for use by 360 Magazine

Dirt Bike Graphics Kits

It can be easy to get bored with the graphics on dirt bikes, and it is always fun to look for new and exciting ones. Graphics may not make a ride faster, but they can help represent a sponsor and keep a bike looking clean and new. There are endless configurations and designs that will help personalize and upgrade a bike. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of dirt bike graphics and where to find quality graphics kits.

Quality Graphics Kits

There are kits available to make custom logos, text styles, colors, layouts, and finishes. Graphics kits range in price, depending on the quality. It is even possible to create a personalized kit, for the most customized biking experience. These kits have graphics for covering the rear fender, lower fender, radiator covers, lower fork, rear swing arm, and number plates. To find exactly what is wanted, or even just to know where to start, get help at Senge Graphics. Buying quality kits is important, since mud, water, and rain will rub on these decals each time the bike is used and cause them to wear. Graphics should be made to last, and they can be difficult to install.

Look around for the best quality and the best price. Full kits are the most complete and include graphics for most parts of the bike. A radiator shroud kit will include the radiator shroud graphic and often the air box decals. Front and rear fender decals are included in a trim kit. Even blank number plate backgrounds and pre-printed number plate backgrounds help make a bike stand out from the rest. The graphics kit should be made of quality material. Make sure the graphics are 16-20 mils thick. Lower quality plastic is available and cheaper, but it probably won’t last as long. It is also important to look for a trusted adhesive brand, such as 3M. UV protective coating is another sign of a quality product.

Installation Instructions

Once that perfect, high-quality graphics kit is found, make sure to prepare the plastic on the bike. Remove old stickers and clean the bike with rubbing alcohol or another adhesive removing cleaner. With a new bike, be sure to wipe the bike off to ensure no manufacturer oil residue is left. Make sure the bike is well prepared to get the longest life out of the graphics.

Special Tips

Get better results when installing graphics using these tips.

  • Don’t install graphics in a cold or damp area.
  • Clean the bike before installing.
  • Remove existing decals before applying new graphics.
  • Pay special attention to the edges of the graphics.

More Upgrades

There are lots of other ways to upgrade a bike. Riding can be smoother with a new suspension, including shocks, linkage, and fork seals. Upgrading the exhaust system can boost the speed, sound, and look of a bike. Changing the sprocket or chain can upgrade a bike and give more speed. Try replacing the factory clutch with a new clutch system. It’s sure to boost the bike’s performance. Because dirt bike controls change how bikes are operated, try changing the footpegs, handlebars, levers, or grips. If an old bike is looking a little old, slow, or beat up, why not try giving it an upgrade? Dirt bike graphics kits are easy to find, personalize and install on any dirt bike. A few of 360 Magazine‘s favorite dirt bike companies include Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, KTM and Kawasaki.

ATL Street Sleigh Riders via Jorge Sigala for Reebok


Today, Reebok officially unveils its highly anticipated “Street Sleigh” footwear and apparel collection, championed by moto-inspired takes on the brand’s iconic retro footwear models: the Question Mid and new Classic Leather Legacy. Introducing the brand’s “I3 Motorsports” narrative, which highlights Reebok’s relationship to bike life through the lens of its original rough rider Allen Iverson, the “Street Sleigh” pack is available December 15, 2020 from, Foot Locker, Champs and Finish Line, among other local retailers.

With a history in motorsports sponsorship dating back to the mid-80s and the introduction of its racing-inspired Answer IV and I3 Apparel range in the early 00’s, Reebok – alongside cross-cultural icon Allen Iverson – helped introduce motorsports to the streets at the turn of the century. In fact, Reebok’s vibrant and overbranded I3 Apparel line is often recognized as one of the earliest and most important crossovers between streetwear and sportswear.​ Today, like most team sports, inner city motorsport or “bike life”  is an important subculture in many cities, affording freedom of expression and a sense of community.

​To celebrate this important subculture, Reebok released a photo series that documents riders from Atlanta, a prominent, thriving bike life city. The series [HERE] captures the pure freedom of expression, movement, style and prowess of these individuals and their wider community.

Tailored with a contemporary red and black holiday aesthetic nodding Iverson’s heart and style, the Question Mid “Street Sleigh” [imagery HERE] presents a material execution inspired by ATV’s and dirt bikes known for their high-contrast matte and gloss detailing. ​The Deep Black full-grain leather upper is accented with a patent synthetic toe and a Rich Red randing (mock welt) overlay that flows onto a glossed midsole for a truly eye-catching design. The silhouette effectively underlines the intersection of bike life and basketball in the inner city – two important and often overlapping subcultures in which Reebok remains rooted. Available in adult ($140, G57551), junior (GV7187), preschool (GV7184) and toddler (GV7182) sizing.

Riding alongside Question Mid is the new Classic Leather Legacy [imagery HERE] that puts its own twist on the “Street Sleigh” narrative. With a Rich Red leather upper seated atop a Deep Black rubber outsole and mixing glossy and matte overlays throughout, the Classic Leather Legacy “Street Sleigh” presents a clean and thoughtful symbol of bike life and Reebok heritage. Available in adult ($80, GZ2752) sizing. 

“Street Sleigh” will also usher in the introductory release of Reebok’s new “Iverson Apparel” range, showcasing historic images captured by longtime A.I. photographer Gary Land, among other graphic designs. Apparel imagery can be found HERE.

Imagery of the Atlanta photo series, Question Mid and Classic Leather Legacy “Street Sleigh” and new “Iverson Apparel” range can be found HERE.

Finally, to tie a bow around the holiday release, professional basketball player Montrezl Harrell delivers “Street Sleigh” gifts to kids in this animation-style short film, which can be viewed HERE.

Reebok’s “Street Sleigh” footwear and apparel pack is available December 15, 2020 from, Foot Locker, Champs and Finish Line, among other local retailers. Fans can stay tuned for more from “I3 Motorsports” in Spring 2021.

About Reebok

Reebok International Ltd., headquartered in Boston, MA, USA, is a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of fitness and lifestyle footwear, apparel and equipment. An American-inspired global brand, Reebok is a pioneer in the sporting goods industry with a rich and storied fitness heritage. Reebok develops products, technologies and programming that enable movement so people can fulfill their potential. Reebok connects with the fitness consumer wherever they are and however they choose to stay fit – whether it’s functional training, running, combat training, walking, dance, yoga or aerobics. Reebok Classics leverages the brand’s fitness heritage and represents the roots of the brand in the sports lifestyle market.

For more information, visit Reebok at, or, for the latest news at Discover Reebok at the following locations:;; and

ATL Street Sleigh Riders via Jorge Sigala for Reebok
Classic Leather Legacy "Street Sleigh" for Reebok
Iverson Apparel Street Sleigh for Reebok
Iverson Apparel Street Sleigh for Reebok
Question Mid "Street Sleigh" for Reebok
Created by MDKGraphicsEngine – Licensed to Adidas Production
Question Mid "Street Sleigh" for Reebok