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Benchtop Drill Press: Is It Useful to Have It at Home?

Nowadays, there is an electric drill in almost every house. This is a versatile tool that can perform many functions – especially when it comes to impact drills. A question arises – why do you need drill press then? Moreover, this tool is stationary, unlike an electric drill. But there are situations when the capabilities of an electric tool are not enough. This, in particular, applies to cases where drilling must be performed with particular accuracy, or a large number of identical workpieces are drilled.

For home use, best benchtop drill press should be lightweight and not make a lot of noise. Benchtop and radial drilling machines have been created especially for use at home and in small industries. They can perform work from any angle. Bench drilling machines are small in size. They can be moved from place to place. However, such equipment has a limited amount of work – to drill holes in the material not thicker than 16 mm, to cut the thread. The pros of desktop machines – they consume a little electricity.

What Drilling Machines Exist

Stationary drilling machines come in several varieties. They are vertical-boring, inclined-boring, automatic, semi-automatic, multi-spindle semi-automatic machines, as well as horizontal boring machines. Talking about technology for the home workshop, then vertical-drilling models can be considered the most common ones.

As a rule, modern drilling machines use an induction motor and a belt drive from the motor to the spindle. This technical solution protects the motor from excessive loads. Most household machines operate on a standard 220 V mains. Three-phase 380 V power supply is more typical for industrial units.

Quantity and Quality

The main difference between the device and other similar tools for making holes is that it is able to quickly and efficiently cope with obtaining large volumes of identical workpieces. Stationary metal drilling models have several design options. They are vertical, inclined, automatic, semi-automatic, multi-spindle semi-automatic or horizontal.

You need to know how this device works. The principle of operation is that due to the drill, which is the cutting element, chips are removed from the material. The functionality of the device depends on the nozzles installed on it. Operation at low speeds provides high-quality threading, countersinking, stripping.

What if you need to make a hole in 50 workpieces, strictly to a certain depth and strictly at an angle of 90°? Using a conventional drill, you will not get a single identical hole. All of them will differ both in the depth and slope by a fairly noticeable amount.

The benchtop drill press will be able to provide high accuracy in all respects. All necessary values can be adjusted and programmed. In addition, you can cut the internal thread, perform a cleaning of the holes at low speeds. When using the appropriate nozzles, the drill press can perform the functions of a milling machine.

Features and Functions

Choosing a specific model of the press, you need to decide how often you intend to work on it and what kind of work to perform – this will let you find out the required characteristics. Power is the main indicator for almost all power tools. Drill press is no exception. In most cases, its power is not very large – from 300 to 600 Watts. It is understood that the diameter of the drills that are used in this machine ranges from 0.08 to 0.63 inches. If you need to drill holes of a larger diameter, then you may need a machine with a power of 1.5-3 kW or more.

An important function of the drill press is the ability to adjust the speed of rotation. Speed adjustment can be either smooth or stepwise. To change it, use a special switch. It can have from 2 to 20 positions. Moreover, the rotation speed is showed on a special display in the most advanced models. As a rule, the rotational speed of the spindle of the drilling machine is from 120 to 3,000 rpm.

The dimensions of the desktop are also of particular importance. The larger it is, the more stable the machine is and less prone to vibration. Moreover, you can fix a larger part on a large table.

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Do You Really Need A Lift Kit And How Much Will It Cost You?

What will you pay for a Lift Kit Installation?

With so many fantastic options out there like the Rough Country Canada lift kit from Just Jeep, it can be difficult to find the lift kit you believe to be the optimal choice for you. It’s also crucial to consider how much money it will take to actually install the lift kit in order to make the right choice. Furthermore, depending on which one you have decided upon, the actual amount of time it may take to complete the process of installation will still largely depend on how many individuals there are to give you a hand. This is also an expense to look out for, as getting the kit installed professionally ranges from $400-$1200.

Different Lift Kit Forms

Generally speaking, there are two forms of lift kits available, that work with the suspension in different manners and vary in cost.

Body Lift Kits and Their Cost

A body lift kit will impact the height in which the cabin of your vehicle is situated, while the suspension frame is kept as is, giving the option of more sizeable tires. this does not influence ground clearance however, so the undercarriage is no more protected. Due to fewer pieces required for installation, this kit is often less pricey compared to others.

Body Lift Kits and Their Cost

Alternatively, suspension lift kits will often cost more but can provide more bang for your buck. These kits elevate the whole vehicle, such as the suspension system and frame, giving more clearance off the ground as well as allowing for bigger tires. These are ideal for those who enjoy off-roading due to their capabilities. However, they can run you from $300-$2,000, on top of an additional $400-1,200 depending on the kit you purchase and the installation services you opt for.

Additional Expenses

Alteration to the suspension or ride of the automobile will require alignment by a professional. This can cost roughly $80-$200 so it is useful to leave some extra money to work with because this should be done quickly after installing the lift kit.

To ensure smoothen the installation process, there are some tools you may need to purchase in order to work quickly and more efficiently. Notably, you can also rent or borrow tools to save some extra cash.

List of tools needed:

First off, it is generally advisable to at minimum have a few important tools with you to complete this project such as

  • jacks and jack stands (that can be used on the particular weight of the automobile)
  • various sized nuts and bolts
  • screwdrivers
  • wrenches

Additionally, the following items will also prove useful during installation

  • a torque wrench
  • hammer
  • lubricant
  • tire stops
  • spring clamps
  • a breaker bar
  • PB blaster
  • tools for tire removal

Use Truck Spring to find a Lift Kit for Your Truck

Specializing in truck suspensions, Truck Spring offers trained and licensed experts that can aid you in finding and installing the optimal lift kit for your vehicle. Please feel free to call us at 800-358-4751 today and allow us to answer all your questions or concerns.

When you are ready to get started, chose the make of your automobile below to discover your ideal lift kit today!

HACK Is Here To Help

Hack, a full-stack laptop designed to teach kids to code by enabling them to hack games, settings and apps, is announcing the launch of its pre-release beta.
Hack is the only laptop designed for everyday use that has a unique superpower – the benefit of inspiring kids to learn how to Hack. Using the flip-to-hack feature, kids can edit parameters, immediately see their changes and develop familiarity with basic coding in an authentic and safe environment. Built on the Linux-based Endless Operating System, kids access source code and use a real sandbox for learning how to code.
The award-winning ASUS laptop comes with all the apps and tools families need for everyday use, including Chrome, Calculator, Skype, Office Suite, Scratch, Spotify, Steam and more. Recognizing that many parents are eager to introduce STEM to their children and give them a computer of their own, Hack is a dual-purpose laptop great for everyday use and STEM education, for $299. What’s more, it is a safe, ad-free and virus-resistant computer with parental controls. Hack is the screen time that parents should feel good about for their kids.
“As a parent and passionate tech executive I am excited to empower the next generation with digital literacy, creative problem-solving skills and an understanding of how to engage consciously with the world. In turn, we hope to enable and inspire children to create innovative and exciting opportunities for themselves and others,” stated Roberta Antunes CEO of Hack.
Hack characters, based on computer science luminaries including Ada Lovelace and Mary Jackson, guide players through immersive adventures and provide them with new coding challenges every month. For $9.99 per month, Hack families will access an unfolding adventure story and learning quests, and hackable levels that unlock as the player’s skills improve. As the child evolves, so does the product. The first 12 months of the content subscription are free for launch customers.
To participate in the Hack beta, visit and signup for the waitlist. Pre-orders for the public release on January 24th are also available on Amazon.