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Men's underwear illustration for 360 MAGAZINE by Kaelen Felix.

DickPrint has the Best Gift for National Boyfriend Day

As a society, we love to celebrate the important people in our life and those things we enjoy the most. For that reason, we have a national day for most everything. From fries and pie to our parents and significant others. We have so many special dates, there is a website to help you keep […]

360 Magazine, Statue Wearing Mask

Mask-Wearing and Manliness

Is it unmanly to wear a mask? Journalist and attorney Marian Lindberg, author of the new book Scandal on Plum Island, has written an article (see attached) exploring this question and its implications for the fight to control the spread of Coronavirus in the US and around the world. Masculinity and manliness have deep roots in the US political sphere and […]