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Written by KELLY THOMPSONArt by CHRIS BACHALOTeaser Variant by GREG LAND with Colors by FRANK D’ARMATA Deadpool’s newest mercenary job has him going after the King of Monsters, who has claimed a new kingdom for his monstrous subjects…on Staten Island! But you know what they say, when you come at the king, you better not miss! […]


Just in time for the leader of Wakanda to stage center stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel is excited to announce the release of BLACK PANTHER – START HERE, a FREE sampler celebrating Black Panther stories across the Marvel Universe.   Featuring excerpts from Marvel’s current Black Panther ongoing series, as well as World of Wakanda, Black Panther and […]

Marvel Announces HOW TO DRAW VARIANTS by Chip Zdarsky

Have you ever wanted the great power and responsibility of drawing Spider-Man? Do you look at the pages of Black Panther and wish you could draw a Wakandan king? How often have you been tempted to break the fourth wall and draw Gwenpool?   Marvel has always championed rising creators, and now fans can learn […]

Marvel Legacy Re-Introduces Marvel Value Stamps

Who saved them? Who clipped them? Who collected them? This fall, the Marvel Universe returns to an untapped corner of its expansive history for MARVEL LEGACY with the return of the Marvel Value Stamps. Just as Marvel Legacy is bridging the past and the future of Marvel’s iconic universe, this nostalgia-based program is designed to excite new readers. […]

PHOENIX & JEAN GREY – Your 1st Look!

An all-new team-up from superstar creative team Cullen Bunn and R.B. Silva A teenage girl meeting her future self – it all begins at the Vanishing Point, where past and present and now future collide for epic and game-changing adventures in this story of the GENERATIONS! Teenage Jean Grey is willing to do whatever it takes […]

Marvel Comics To Release Lenticular Covers

The biggest stories and most epic team-ups come to MARVEL LEGACY this fall, and now you can hold the past and the future in your hands! Today, Marvel is proud to announce that all of the Marvel Legacy homage variants will be available as lenticular covers – a true celebration of Marvel’s history and expansive […]


MARVEL LEGACY Unveils New Series: MAKE MINE MARVEL! Your first look at Falcon, X-Men Blue and Gold, and Incredible Hulk                                                                                                                This fall, a new day will shine on the Marvel Universe with your favorite heroes, your favorite creators…where every story is an event!   Today, Marvel is excited to announce the following creative teams […]