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Squirrel Girl Podcast via 360 Magazine

Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show

Marvel is releasing a new podcast: Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show.

Marvel's Voices: Pride via Jen Bartel for Marvel Comics for use by 360 Magazine

Marvel’s Voices: Pride One

Marvel Comics is celebrating pride month by launching “Marvel Voices: Pride #1.”

Amazing Spider-Man #93 via Arthur Adams and Alejandro Sanchez via Marvel Comics for use by 360 Magazine

Spider-Man Ninety-Three

Over the last few months, a surprising saga has played out in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. Hit creators including Zeb Wells, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Kelly Thompson and Patrick Gleason have brought readers the BEYOND ERA which saw Peter Parker out of commission after a disastrous battle and his clone, the fan-favorite Ben Reilly, […]

Avengers Forever via Marvel Comics for use by 360 Magazine

Avengers Forever Infinity Comic One

On Wednesday, March 23, “Avengers Forever Infinity Comic #1” launched on Marvel Unlimited! Written by Jason Aaron, with art by Kev Walker and colorist Dean White, this tie-in to the current Avengers Forever series expands on the Multiverse Avengers story playing out in comic shops now. Before reading “Avengers Forever #1” hitting Marvel Unlimited on […]

Spider-Verse via Marvel Comics for use by 360 Magazine

Spider-Verse Unlimited

As announced during “Beyond Amazing: Celebrating 60 Years of Spider-Man Live Virtual Event,” Spider-verse Unlimited just launched exclusively on Marvel Unlimited in the Infinity Comics format. In the first issue, fans can relive the story of what makes Spider-Man SPIDER-MAN? This instant-classic tale kicks off the most amazing Infinity Comic ever! Throughout the six issues, […]

Hulk SIx via Alex Maleev for Marvel Comics for use by 360 Magazine

Hulk Six

The first arc of Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley‘s mind-blowing Hulk saga will reach its epic climax as Bruce Banner‘s control over Starship Hulk slips… and something much worse takes the wheel. The new threat that emerges promises to smash the HULK mythos to its core and fuel Bruce Banner’s rage for the foreseeable future. […]

Ant-Man 2022 via Tom Reilly for Marvel Comics for use by 360 Magazine

Ant-Man One

Ant-Man, one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes, will celebrate his big 60th anniversary with a new limited series! Al Ewing, the writer who redefined Hulk in IMMORTAL HULK, now sets his sights on Ant-Man, delving into the character’s unique history to examine every hero who’s ever taken on the mantle! Joining him on this epic […]

Avengers Variant Cover Art via David Lopez for Marvel Comics use by 360 Magazine

Skrull Variant Covers

The Skrulls‘ latest takeover begins! Adorning the covers of your favorite ongoing series, see Marvel’s biggest heroes revealed as undercover Skrulls in new artwork this May! Crafted by the industry’s leading artists, these stunning pieces showcase just how devious Marvel Universe’s greatest cosmic foes can be. And later this year, fans can expect the Skrulls […]

Marvel's Voices: Legacy via Crisscross for Marvel Comics for use by 360 Magazine

Marvel’s Voices: Legacy One

Marvel’s Voices continues tomorrow with a new one-shot celebrating Black History Month! Spotlighting Marvel’s Black heroes, “MARVEL’S VOICES: LEGACY #1” will showcase extraordinary stories brought to life by an all-star lineup of new and established comic creators. Don’t miss the latest star-studded special in this groundbreaking series committed to elevating the richness of Marvel Comics […]

Imortal X-Men 3 Cover Art via Mark Brooks for use by 360 Magazine

Destiny of X Continues

The next era of X-Men is on the horizon! With fresh new titles, exciting creative team changes, and cast shakeups, DESTINY OF X will be a season of radical transformation for the X-Men line and its characters. The possibilities are endless as the second Krakoan age begins over the next few months. And right now, […]