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Aluna × Punctual – Summer of Love



Following on from the success of previous single Don’t Hit My Line, British singer-songwriter Aluna continues on her streak with the brand new house track Summer of Love, released via Higher Ground. Spoiling listeners with a fresh ensemble of electronic-fueled sounds, Summer of Love is just what we need to tie us through the remainder of the season.

Listen to Summer of Love HERE

Fused together by cultivating snare sounds and feel good electric peaks, the Punctual and Aluna co-produced single takes us through an underlying infectious loop, seamlessly blended together with immersive drum patterns and catchy hooks, all while sealing the track with Aluna’s angelic vocals. Summer of Love is a carefully thought out release from Aluna, significantly marking her brand new direction as a solo artist, simultaneously solidifying her presence in the electronic scene.

Touching on the creative process behind Summer of Love and working with the producer duo, Aluna says: In the summer of 2020 we wanted to feel like we were gonna change everything…we also felt crushed at the same time and the first thing we needed was love from the person closest to us or just from ourselves to keep going…the summer of love. 2021 has this feeling of a darkness lifting and I just wanted to capture that.

2021 saw Aluna release the 10-track collection Renaissance (Remixes) (LISTEN) which featured club-ready re-workings of tracks from her debut solo album, Renaissance (out now via Mad Decent), which followed on from her soaring success during 2020, a year that was credibly known as a momentous year for her. Spanning multiple genres of dance and electronic music, the collection features exciting collaborations with a diverse array of predominantly POC and female producers, including Lady Bee, Austin Millz, TSHA, Bella Boo & UNIIQU3 to name a few. Also included in the remix package, Bronx, NY-based producers, remixers and DJ duo The Martinez Brothers’ remix of The Recipe, originally a collaboration with KAYTRANADA, which fuses afrobeat elements in with his trademark percussion and the mesmerizing vocals of Nigerian singer-songwriter Rema. Watch the official music video for The Recipe HERE.

Spring 2021 saw the release of the Afrobeats-inspired DANCE (RED) SAVE LIVES Vol. III (LISTEN) album, a collaborative project from (RED) and Africa’s most influential record label, Mavin Records, joining forces to raise funds to fight two pandemics: COVID-19 and AIDS. The track listing, co-curated by Aluna and Don Jazzy includes tracks and remixes by SOFI TUKKER, Fela Kuti, Virgil Abloh, Felix Da Housecat as well as an impressive remix of hit single, Jaiye by Mavin Artist LADIPOE, and featuring Aluna and Sigag Lauren (LISTEN).

Best describing the brand new single Summer of Love as a pivotal moment in her career, Aluna is excited to reveal what is to come, revealing This past year has been a huge healing process, and this next chapter of my life feels really energized and the new music that I’m putting out is going to reflect that. There’s still a ton of work that needs to be done in regards to moving the needle for Black women in dance music. And these are the anthems that will be keeping me going.

With so much more to come for the remainder of the year, be sure to keep your eyes on Aluna as there are far more surprises in store!

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Michelle Obama Encourages Picky Eaters

When I was a small child, I never ate the vegetables I encountered on my dinner plate, preferring instead to kick, scream, whine, and then feed the offending dish to the dog. How different things might’ve been if former First Lady Michelle Obama was the one gently encouraging me to eat my peas, using Muppet-adjacent puppets and her soothing presence! Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way, but for the children of America who are now currently throwing handfuls of broccoli at their parents in protest, Obama’s new show, Waffles + Mochi, premiering on March 16 on Netflix, is here to save the day.

There’s little information about what this show will entail, beyond the above tweet, which features Michelle Obama cradling a small, winsome mochi in her hand, flanked on either side by an overzealous bee with glasses and some sort of Yeti-thing, whom I presume is Waffles, as it is wearing a scarf and a frozen waffle as an accessory. The show will be produced by Higher Ground, the Obamas’ production company. My assumption is that Waffles + Mochi is a reworked version of Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents, which was reported in 2019 as the title of a half-hour children’s show that would take young children and their families around the globe on an adventure that tells us the story of our food.”

Again, we know very little about the show, because all we’re working with here is the former name and then the image of Michelle Obama flanked by Muppet-adjacent puppets, but what I’m hoping is that this culinary adventure will be a spiritual cousin to the earliest seasons of Sesame Street, which were quirky and weird and just as enjoyable to watch now, as an adult, as they were when I was a small child. Children’s television is at its best when it resonates with both children and adults who are lightly stoned.

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