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BlueBucksClan – Come Again

Los Angeles rap duo BlueBucksClan share the music video for their latest single  “Come Again,” out now via Out The Blue Records. Watch it HERE.

In the visual directed by frequent collaborator Tevo Laron, the duo descend upon Las Vegas as all kinds of antics ensue. The clip intercuts footage of DJ and Jeeezy as they turn up outside, by the pool, in the club, and beyond. Smoked-out Cali keys pulsate in the background as the MCs lock into a quotable lyrical call-and-response before the hard-hitting hook takes hold.

BlueBucksClan just wrapped up the On My Soul Tour with Bino Rideaux. Next up, the guys take the stage at Once Upon A Time In LA Festival on December 18 back home in LA.

Praise for BlueBucksClan

“Since their emergence in 2019, the pair has been busy” — Rolling Stone

“L.A’s best duo.” — Pitchfork

“It’s clear that BlueBucksClan is only getting started” — COMPLEX

“BlueBucksClan have built their own high-speed lane” — Billboard 

“Jeeezy and DJ are all about fashion, women and clever sports references, and their natural sense of humor has garnered attention all over L.A. and beyond” –XXL

About the Duo

BlueBucksClan are driving Los Angeles’ rap renaissance forward slowly, steadily, and mercilessly. Since emerging in 2019, the duo of DJ and Jeeezy have captivated their city with hypnotic beats, mind-melding verbal chemistry, and vivid tales of shutting down the club while draped in designer drip. Together, these lifelong friends who met on the football field are taking the fierce sound of contemporary SoCal Street rap and making it regal, bringing the hood to Beverly Hills. Each new cinematic song affirms that these two men from the rough parts of South L.A. are leveling up, wearing shoes that cost more than your rent and driving foreign cars with beautiful women riding shotgun. Clan Virus 2 is their seventh project in two years. They’ve refined their deadpan punchlines, flamboyant boasts, and charismatic back-and-forth delivery as quickly as they’ve expanded their wardrobes, car collections, and fanbase. In an era where shallow hooks take precedence over bars, BlueBucksClan bring you into their world one clever couplet at a time. With Clan Virus 2, DJ and Jeeezy invite fans into their luxurious universe once more, bringing their city with them on their meteoric rise. In the U.S. alone BlueBucksClan have generated nearly 85 million streams to date.

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