Abby-Lynn ‘ABSOLUTELY’ Keen

It’s been all too long since we had someone from the UK grace 360® since The Who and Gabrielle Aplin. Abby Lynn Keen, aka Absolutely, is a singer-songwriter for David Guetta, Normani, Anitta, Rihanna, Ryan Tedder, Ariana Grande, Tinashi and Selena Gomez.

This London based ingenue is a tour de force, and her international acclaim is well warranted. Signed to S10 for publishing, founded by
Brandon Silverstein, their catalog, has over 10 billion streams. Their unique positioning as a powerhouse is also helmed by provocative players like Jay-Z and Simon Fuller, which makes them one of the most legendary labels on planet Earth.

Being brought up Christian in a third generation of song birds like her sister RAYE and Lauren, her adolescent has poised her to become one of gen z’s most sought-after entertainers. This British, Sweden-Ghanaian bombshell knows what she wants and is laser focused on acquiring it. At 19, she has signed an exclusive licensing deal with Epic Records, a division of Sony, which appears to offer her freedom and flexibility. At the moment, she heads on tour with her sibling while she releases a barrage of bangers.  Her recent melodies are Symphony, Higher, Patterns, and Stranger. Reminiscent of a mixture of Sade, SZA, and Moby, her innate ability to Supersonically seduce is unstoppable.

Upon meeting this this million dollar baby, she comes across as direct, stern, and reluctant to fall victim to traps like some of her siblings did. Extremely observant and guarded, she meticulously melts her creativity into mountains of motion. Constantly demanding eye contact, we acknowledged her innovative sound, and her prowess for perfection. The trajectory for her career is plane as day — a megastar and media mogul. Constantly cognizant of how she expresses herself to the people while in public, more specifically to industry professionals, this new breed of performers possess both lucrative publishing as well as recording deals. Think Muni Long and Victoria Monet. As a multi hyphenate, she’s hands-on and juggles a plethora of projects.

Unlike most, she realizes the importance of acknowledging her strengths and weaknesses. Both the orchestra and its conductor, she navigates. It’s quite fascinating to witness, as she self-directs her likeness in a mirror during a photoshoot, she doesn’t wear her vulnerability on her sleeve instead it’s her reluctance to care what others think about her. You may see her as vain or even divalike; however, her perfect mixture of confidence and humility is refreshing. Much like an algorithm, she can calculate your next move without moving. Her entourage is an army of one, compact yet competent, resulting in increased fluidity. She’s the new marquee and doesn’t accept mediocrity. There’s very few homosapiens that have the propensity to differentiate between passion and purpose, but ABs can. As a punctual perfectionist, it’s inevitable that she will conquer the world.

Abby-Lynn Keen was photographed by Vaughn Lowery for 360 MAGAZINE.
Abby-Lynn Keen 360 MAGAZINE cover shot by Vaughn Lowery.
Abby-Lynn Absolutely Keen captured by celebrity photographer Vaughn lowery for 360 MAGAZINE.


Photo|Story: Vaughn Lowery

Creative: Armon Hayes

Makeup: Rania Zohny

Hair: Hayley Logan

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