Actor/model Elias Kacavas (Euphoria, Pretty Little Liars, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) graces the cover of 360 MAGAZINE as an Emerging Person.

Elias Kacavas

A Jack of All Trades

In 2016, ELIAS KACAVAS was accepted to the American University as an undergraduate medical student, hoping to one day become an orthopedic surgeon. He had no idea this was the first step to preparing for a career in showbiz.

While making the decision for his future, Elias recounted that his genuine interest and passion was acting; and thus, he confronted his family. “I had a conversation with my dad and said I am a performer. I don’t necessarily have anything to back it up, but I know that I am one,” said Elias.

Dropping out of a college program to pursue a dream, rather, following your God-given instincts is a talent in itself. Of those gritty and down-to-earth actors, Kacavas would do whatever it takes to make his voice heard. For some people, it can be perceived as arrogance, but for others, it’s a sign of harmony. His insatiable desire makes him yearn like a drop of water in Death Valley. We all emerge from adolescence with habits and behaviors that are very much in the realm of sophistication. But this ingenue is not just another manufactured product of the system. He has depth, stature, and character that nobody will ever take away from him.

The type of vulnerability that allows them to come forward without even knowing they’re there… It’s been far too long since Hollywood has witnessed a young tour de force like KACAVAS. In his spirit, he has passion and purpose substantiated by hunger. His performance in Euphoria remains one of the most talked-about episodes in the history of HBO. Let’s be honest. It’s extremely difficult to detach from Zendaya’s innate capacity to push a narrative. She literally breaks the internet with her allure and artistry. However, this time around, Kacavas longs to be greater, embracing a side many shy away from, playing a curious young man’s coming of age story. Finally, a methodical player who devotes himself to work and expresses raw emotion. He delves deeper on a journey to inspire. It’s what many refer to as je ne sais quoi. The connection between his voice and the content is genuine. It produces eloquence. 

From Young Cal on Euphoria to Greg on HBO Max’s Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the 24-year-old actor from Manchester, New Hampshire, craves to immerse himself into dramatis personae. Kacavas, living his dream with the intention, is a forever New York actor.

The newly appointed PLL’s cast member was tapped to become a part of the iconic franchise, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. On the cusp of its September release, Elias was beguiled. Mostly due to its filming in Greece; he was rooted in Greek heritage. He used the occasion to hone his native language. 

All in all, it’s refreshing to be in communication with someone who has taken the road less traveled without reservation. 

Photo: Peter Mellekas

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