Beau Gravitte and The Actors Studio via 360 Magazine.

Beau Gravitte

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Beau Gravitte, the impactful actor and performer, has a career that includes great appearances on television as well as broadway. Beau now acts as the Artistic Director for the Actors Studio. 

The Actors Studio was founded in 1946 Elia Kazan, Cheryl Crawford, and Robert Lewis. The studio allowed for creative expression amongst artists, as well as well as opportunities for personal growth. Through the studio, artists were able to further hone in on their craft alongside counterparts interested in advancing in the arts as well. Beau Gravitte recounts his experience, “I didn’t really know much about the Actors Studio. I had just been in the city for a few years. I knew someone who was auditioning, and he had asked me to be his scene partner. I went to his prelim and they accepted both of us.”

The founders of the group set forth on their mission of redefining the artistry of acting. They showcased techniques and other helpful tips that would allow for an artist to express not only themselves but their truth onstage. Beau Gravitte was able to take part in these workshops after his entrance to the studio, “I would come in with my notebook, and I would just soak it in.” The workshop imprinted a great influence on American acting throughout the 20th century, and the practices used from the studio’s inscription continue to guide the newest generations of actors joining the scene.

Lee Strasberg, the founding Artistic Director for the studio has impacted the ways in which artists act and has been responsible for the creation of many exercises and techniques entitled “The Method”. Beau Gravitte’s entrance in the studio came after the passing Strasberg. During the run of Light in the Piazza on Broadway, Gravitte was asked to take on a role as part of the Board of Directors for the Actors Studio. Later he would be asked to become the Artistic Director. Gravitte stated, “We have a lot going on. My job is to let creative people do what they do. My job is to foster the creativity of the members. That’s the fun part of the job.” Gravitte joins 3 impactful co presidents, Ellen Burstyn, Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino.

Membership in the studio is free for all and actors were expected to complete auditions for a place in the studio. Once those auditions are completed, the actors are able to join part of the great studio. The Actors Studio is partnered with Pace University to offer a 3-year Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) Degree at their Actors Studio Drama School (ASDS).

The Studio has made TV appearances, including “Inside the Actors Studio” an award winning inside glimpse to the creative genius of many great artists.