Julian Schlossberg

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Julian Schlossberg was born in New York City, and as he grew became a trailblazer in the world of theater. He attended the prestigious New York University and after graduation he moved on to begin an incredible career. In an interview with Vaughn Lowery, Schlossberg recounts his youth and the spark he felt to enter show business stating, “I think I was kinda struck, at a young age, I just wanted to be part of it. I didn’t know what part, but I wanted to be part of show business.”

His career jump started with a role of assistant account representative at ABC. ABC was a newer network in the scene, and Schlossberg was able to take part in the budding network. Later, following his departure from ABC, Schlossberg became an account executive at Walter Reade Organization. His success amounted to his earned title of vice president.

Schlossberg then moved on to hosting the radio program, Movie Talk. Through this profession he became acquainted with various celebrities and stars. Movie Talk, once televised in New York and Philadelphia, also maintained Schlossberg as its host. Later, Schlossberg would transition to serving as Vice President of World Wide Acquisition and Vice President of Production at Paramount Pictures.

The executive continued to trailblazer through his drive and passion for the production industry, ultimately creating Castle Hill Productions. His production company allowed for both film production as well as film distribution. The greatest movies including multiple greats of the entertainment industry were distributed through Castle Hill Productions.The great success that Castle Hill Production amassed is wholly incredible.

Schlossberg sold Castle Hill Productions in 2006, swapping the great company for the creation of two budding companies, Jumer Productions Inc. and Westchester Films Inc.

One of Schlossberg’s great works came in the 90s. Schlossberg was given the opportunity to produce and documentary entitled Sex & Justice, regarding Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas and the widely publicized hearings that would go on to change the outlook of sexual harassment in the workplace. Schlossberg recounts visiting a video store in New York and being utterly surprised with the lack of visibility for the story and felt an innate sense to direct a movie of his own, “I went to a place called Video Shack on 49th and Broadway. I saw over 22 shows for the O.J case, but nothing, not one for Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. So, I said well that’s ridiculous. I have to do a show.”

His passion for the arts and entrepreneurship span across many walks of life, even in university classes around America. Schlossberg has acted as a lecturer for many prestigious schools around the country, and has traveled globally sharing his great knowledge with those around him.

He now embarks on a new endeavor, TRY NOT TO HOLD IT AGAINST ME, an autobiography authored by the great entrepreneurial executive. The story encapsulates the Producer’s life and sheds light on his entry to the television industry, his time spent in the army, as well as stories from producing. In his eyes, this book “forces us to go back in time”. The stories he shares encapsulate a growth in the industry as well as a historical narrative replaying his incredible contributions to the ever-growing film business.