Young Franco via Casey Garnsey for use by 360 Magazine

Young Franco × SonReal × Jalmar – Come Thru

Following one of the biggest Australian songs of last year, Young Franco is back with yet another banger, “Come Thru” featuring SonReal and Jalmar. A brilliant follow up to his late 2020 release “Fallin Apart” featuring Denzel Curry & Pell, the Sydney based producer raises the bar yet again with “Come Thru,” a single filled to the brim with confidence and production class. Listen HERE

As a track, “Come Thru” deals in the provision of positive energy and trusting your inner confidence. Combining a glitchy synth line with laid back drums and a sexy slick bass line creates a melting pot of formidable two step and raucous energy. Joining the near perfect musical bed is SonReal and Jalmar. They provide a piece of unflustered bravado, with the two versatile vocal deliveries trading verses, bars and energy rapidly over the Margherita ready production.  

Franco stated, “’Come Thru’ started as an instrumental with just bass and a groove. I had a session with Sonreal in February 2020 and we just clicked. What was really special was that it was one of the last times I was in the USA. We were also shooting the Juice official video and had a lot of lovely people ‘come thru’ to where I was staying in Highland Park. I think that helped inspire the song and take it in a certain direction. I was looking for a second verse and was introduced to Jalmar. When I heard his verse, I immediately knew the song was completed.”

Young Franco‘s project is currently sitting perched above the clouds, with career highlights being ticked off with every subsequent release. His most recent single, “Fallin Apart” featuring Denzel Curry and Pell took the already glowing artist to angelic levels. The single received a full add on Triple J, as well as radio spins globally, and featured on publications such as Clah Magazine, NME, Out Now Magazine, Colors, Sniffers, Happy Mag, Acclaim, Purple Sneakers, Pilerats and more. The track also featured as the soundtrack for Apple’s Airpod “Jump” campaign which has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube and premiered during the Grammys broadcast.

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