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By Cassandra Yany

Ritt Momney released the music video for his version of Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On” Thursday. In the video produced by Overcast and directed by Daniel Jordan K, a young boy’s daydream is brought to life and he sees himself as a future pop star in a psychedelic dreamscape.

The audience sees the pop star in a field filled with colorful roses underneath a pastel sky. This scene then starts to morph back into reality as the tone of the song changes. The serene, yet exciting vibe of the visuals perfectly encapsulates the feel-good mood of the track.

The cover first gained popularity as part of a TikTok trend where creators would put random swatches of makeup on their face and then jump to a clip where they have designed a full look using those colors. Social media influencer Ian Roley was invited on set as a makeup influencer to recreate the trend’s butterfly look for the music video.

“In 2006, Corinne Bailey Rae released one of the greatest pop songs of all time with ‘Put Your Records On,’” said Momney. “It was one of my mom’s favorites. She’d blast it in the minivan on the way to soccer practice and we’d all sing.”

“Fast forward to March 2020 when I got the idea to do a fun little cover of this song I’ve loved my whole life to combat some of the dreariness I was feeling. With this being my first real music video, I was really lucky to work with a bunch of professionals who were also around my age. They did a really good job capturing the essence of the cover, and I’m stoked that I got to work with Ian, the makeup artist who started the TikTok trend.”

Momney plans to donate a portion of the music video’s proceeds to a charity of Rae’s choosing. His rework of the song has become the 21-year-old’s breakout hit of the year. It has earned him over 120 million global streams to date with over two million TikTok videos made with the sound. This also marks Momney’s first Billboard Hot 100 entry, currently holding the no. 82 spot, and his Pop radio debut, charting at no. 39 less than two weeks after its impact.

The song topped Spotify’s US and Global Viral 50 charts in September and currently holds the no. 17 and no. 23 spots on the Us and Global Top 50, respectively.

About Ritt Momney

Ritt Momney is the solo project of Salt Lake City native Jack Rutter. The project first began as an indie rock band with his high school friends, but later became a personal outlet for the 21-year-old after his bandmates left for Mormon missions and his girlfriend went to college. He began writing, recording and producing his upcoming debut album in his bedroom. In the LP, titled “Her and All of My friends,” Rutter struggles with loss, loneliness and a drift away from Mormon culture.

Watch the music video here

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Corey Harper Releases New Track + EP

On May 21st, Corey Harper released his new track, Fade to Black,” available now to listen. In addition, he will release a new EP called Overcast,” available now to pre-save on streaming services.

“Corey Harper Shows Deep Vulnerability [in ‘Entertainment’]” – American Songwriter

“Harper, a professed classic rock and soul disciple, lays down tasteful John Mayer-esque licks over a relaxed backbeat, creating plenty of space for his smoky, understated vocals.” – Billboard

“With the increasing importance in the craft of songwriting, Corey’s rise is coming at the moment when the industry needs more musical geniuses like him.” – Hollywood Life

“Harper continues to win over new ears with his soulful, emotive original music.” – Relix

“Radiating heartache and passion, Corey Harper proves that powerful, catchy pop  can exist without sacrificing integrity and depth.” – Atwood

“While the heroic influences are obvious, the sound remains uniquely Harper’s own” – Artist Direct

Los Angeles, CA – May 21, 2020 – Singer-songwriter Corey Harper continues to show his vulnerability and honest storytelling in his latest track “Fade to Black,” which tackles the subject of addiction. The acoustic melodies and sentimental lyrics capture the heartache felt by many trying to overcome hardships in life. The track is off his upcoming EP Overcast out on June 5, 2020.

“Fade to Black” is about my brother, who has struggled with drug abuse for a decade. I was able to come up with the songs on the EP because I was in my hometown, surrounded by familiarity and memories. It’s like I had a home-court advantage. This music is about confusion and sadness and hope.

It’s about what happens before the storm arrives when you’re trying to find your direction through the fog.”- Corey Harper

Harper first gave fans a taste of the upcoming EP with the single “Entertainment,” which illustrates his guttural delivery and rawness in this pop/rock anthemic track. To listen to “Entertainment” – Press here.

Recorded in a home studio on the outskirts of Oregon wine country, Overcast features Harper playing nearly every instrument himself, co-writing all six songs, and splitting production duties with collaborator Lubben (Halsey, Gnash). Overcast casts the widest net of Harper’s catalog. The result is a record that doesn’t just shine a light on the melodic hooks that earned him a career-launching tour as Justin Bieber’s opening act in 2016, or the elastic vocals and understated guitar heroics that have pushed songs like “On the Run” beyond the 10-million-stream threshold on Spotify. Instead, it shows the full range of his abilities, recasting Corey Harper as a musician’s musician whose meticulous approach to pop music is both personal and invitingly universal. The upcoming EP isn’t just about finding direction, though; it’s about finding a unique sound, too.

Raised on the guitar riffs and timeless songwriting of Fleetwood Mac and Jackson Browne, Harper initially came to L.A. as an Americana folk-rock musician. His 2016 debut saluted those organic influences, while 2019’s Barely Put Together widened his approach. Overcast, which Harper recorded during a pair of trips to Lubben’s studio on the outskirts of Portland, finds him reaching a new peak of adventurousness, rolling his influences into a sound that’s honest, human, and healing. Overcast makes room for a rich tapestry of baritone guitar, Eighties synthesizers, pop melodies, and experimental sounds, including the atmospheric hum of the studio’s pinball machine and the innovative textures of his guitar pedal collection.

Harper even ran his electric guitar through a homemade amp, creating a signature tone that still nods to his favorite players – from John Mayer to Lindsey Buckingham to Phoebe Bridges – without losing its singular character. These six songs are his most personal to date, yet the issues they examine – the strained bonds between loved ones; the mourning of friends who are no longer with us; the desire to live a life that’s honest, meaningful, and real, despite the distractions of modern-day existence – are common. Corey has toured with the likes of Niall Horan, Noah Kahan, Julia Michaels, and has also performed at Bonnaroo, BottleRock, Sasquatch, Ohana Festival and more. Stay tuned for the latest from Corey Harper and for more info, please visit and his YouTube channel.