A tempestuous storm is brewing that has spirited creatives on deck to dominate.


Rublow is the first member of the new age Cash Money to be introduced.

With an album on the horizon, 360 MAGAZINE had the opportunity to spotlight the relentless rap star. As of late, he has received significant buzz on several significant hip-hop platforms.

At a very early age, he was exposed to classical music by his grandma, a renown pianist and its apparent the way he’s able to effortlessly flow on almost any beat.

With a cause much greater than fame, passion, and purpose, this young man was designed to break barriers. It’s no surprise that he has been signed by one of the most admired and successful Hip-Hop houses.

Rapper Rublow of Cash Money Records via Vaughn Lowery and 360 MAGAZINE.

Onsight Deeda

Onsight Deeda is a young rapper who is both dynamic and static. His lyrics are street, truthful, yet assertively diabolical. This once-regional Golden Glove contender is ready for the next chapter, despite a blemish on his record.

After serving a brief bid, Onsight Deeda understands that he has been given another chance. After serving his time, he exited into a new world of opportunities. His songs and music videos have become well-He’s prepared to take the world by storm. storm. Of late, he signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Cash Money.

This young man, sporting a twenty thousand icy grill and a chest inked with sleeves, has plans to create memorable songs, particularly ones that will make you rush right to the gym.

Onsight Deeda from Cash Money Records via 360 MAGAZINE and Vaughn Lowery.


TBoss, a female rapper from Baton Rouge who also plays basketball, is the princess of Cash Money. The ingenue has the potential to become a household name thanks to her infectious Her intuitive perspective is what makes her stand out in a sea of similarity. Her playful and seductive ways are one of the reasons why she’s ready to slam the competition. After all, who isn’t drawn to someone who isn’t afraid to be inside out of their own skin? With an eclectic roster of home pets and an immediate desire to live on a farm, she’s probably one of the most buzzworthy artists in the game. She has punchy pivots, playful wordplay, and a team behind her that understands how to sell out arenas. Her love for women’s basketball has made her entrance into the arena effortless.

This prissy tomboy is poised to become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Female rapper TBoss of Cash Money Records via 360 MAGAZINE.