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Air Canada Bans Emotional Support Animals for use by 360 Magazine


This week, Air Canada made the decision to ban emotional support animals from their flight cabins. This comes on the heels of the US’ Department of Transportation ruling that ESA’s are not considered service animals and therefore US-based airlines are not required to accept them onboard. Currently, “Air Canada’s new rules are consistent with the Accessible Transportation for […]

Emotional Support Animal Airline Laws Changing January 11th

In 2020, the Department of Transportation made a new determination that only service dogs would continue to be protected under the American’s with Disabilities Act, thus categorizing emotional support animals as pets. So far, only Southwest Airlines have stated that they will continue to accept ESA’s at no charge. Both Alaska and American Airlines have […]

Common Misconceptions When it comes to ESAs

Emotional support animals are becoming more popular and accepted as the stigmas surrounding mental health go away, and people prioritize self-care. Millions of people have mental conditions that go untreated for various reasons, whether they can’t afford regular therapy or do not have health insurance. Having a pet is an easy way to improve mental […]