G-Star RAW + WVB

The world explodes, and I’m DREAMING.

The world explodes, and I’m HAPPY.

The world explodes, and I’m DANCING.

In today’s world, everything feels endlessly dramatic.
Extremes everywhere, extremists getting the last laugh.

Big situations to fight against.
Meanwhile, we have to continue to find our bliss.
Get up every day and make simple moves that keep adding up. Play pretend and believe that all we do can make a difference.

That way of thinking led me to the idea of the clown.
The familiar happy-sad figure tries to unite the conflicting sides of the circus.
Charlie Chaplin and the silhouette of a tiny top with a huge bottom. I kept fantasising about that.
It turned into a game of micro against maxi, two fashion opposites.

From mini to huge in camaïeu pinks and baby blue hues.
3D dots, bulging patches, and terror toys against flatpack design. Open-sleeved shirts and jackets create a winking effect. Shapes that seem overwhelming and all-enveloping, but mixed with what stays close to the skin.

Within this 40-model parade wearing my namesake pieces, there is an exclusive preview of the G-Star RAW x Walter Van Beirendonck SS2025 capsule collection. SURPRISE!
I have been thinking about new and innovative methods to assemble clothing for years.
G-Star and I found a way to develop pieces without stitching. The clothes have been glue-bonded together and finished with red taping.
It’s all reinforced. Pure modern-day cutting-edge craftsmanship.

More STITCH LESS items I developed are my Alcantara puzzle pieces. Coats ending in circles or arrows that can be left open or be cleverly slid inside slashes.

Giving you a moving cape feeling. With that idea in mind, from fabric, I made a series of tops, vests, and bombers that all have that technically connected, constructional feel.
Wear with bulky 360°-pleated WVB pants and shorts for ultimate pleasure aesthetics.

G star raw and Walter Van Beirendonck ss25 collaboration via 360 MAGAZINE.
G star raw and Walter Van Beirendonck ss25 collaboration via 360 MAGAZINE.