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Trot Pets

Trot Pets Elevated Complete Set revolutionizes pet dining with its specially designed, premium-quality slow feeder bowls. Engineered to tackle the significant health risks associated with rapid eating in dogs, these bowls promote healthier digestion and mitigate the threat of bloat—a condition that tragically claims the lives of tens of thousands of dogs annually. Additionally, the set features an elevated stand to improve posture and digestion, magnetized bowls for mess-free dining, and a sleek, contemporary design available in multiple colors to seamlessly complement any home decor. Dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning and rust-proof for enhanced hygiene, this set also includes air-tight lids, making it perfect for travel. No matter the size of your furry friends, this comprehensive solution allows pet owners to provide a safe, comfortable, and stylish dining experience for their beloved companions. In addition, a percentage of every sale goes to Hearts and Bones, a rescue and foster organization dedicated to finding loving and forever homes for pets in need. With each purchase from Trots, you’re not only enhancing your pet’s life but also contributing to the welfare of animals in shelters!

Trot pets via 360 magazine.