Zauntee is a new age rapper from Tampa. His authenticity and transparency transcend. Like many young hip-hop griots, he talks about his battles with being bullied in high school. Despite the criticism, he persevered. He started his music journey in his bedroom after receiving a computer bundled with logic pro software from his parents.

As a determined teen, he started making records that relentlessly resembled his upbringing. In 2017, after recording a song that struck a chord with the internet, WORK HARD GOD FIRST, he instantly became a music phenomenon. After rejecting almost 6 to 7 major record labels, he decided to sign with Atlantic Records.

Despite his realization that his major label deal is a stepping stone, he’s only just starting. Following a trip to Los Angeles, he aims to promote his music. His main motivation is not to become famous, unlike many in his position. In fact, he speaks about the possibility of bringing his sold-out arena tour to life and the opportunity to one day provide a microphone to amplify other acts in the industry.

Zauntee is a Phoenix with a heart of gold who is ready to rise to the occasion. He is both extremely hopeful and destined to convey a positive message to all the underdogs who are experiencing strife. Considering that this young icon is socially conscious, intelligent, and not afraid to uplift a stream of young people who are being drowned by the old guard’s antics. This human deserves recognition for standing up against the tide of naysayers and nonbelievers, with a strong conviction (particularly in God) that all things are possible.

Rapper Zauntee speaks to Vaughn Lowery on 360 MAG PODCAST via Spotify + 360 MAGAZINE.