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(G)I-DLE – I burn

Kicking off 2021 in style, K-Pop sensation (G)I-DLE release their anxiously awaited brand-new mini-album I burn today. Get it HERE via Republic Records.

As the group’s most fully realized conceptual effort to date, I burn examines the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup, distilling all of the ups and downs into a genre-busting artistic statement. Incorporating Eastern instrument sounds, it depicts a story of mixed emotions one may go through in the process of parting and finding happiness again. As ‘my’ story begins with a burned heart by a painful breakup, the album ends by showing although these scars may hurt me, they make me glow and bloom a red flower.

Amplifying the members’ voices as creators and songwriters, the six-track project notably features writing by leader SOYEON on three songs, MINNIE on two songs, and YUQI on one song. Among SOYEON’s contributions, the lead single “HWAA” catches listeners’ ears with its addictive hook and lyrics depicting dramatic emotional changes. The song builds with its musical arrangements and Eastern instrument sounds to let the listeners feel the aching pain from a breakup. Lyrically, it explores “the pain of love by using blazing fire and a beautiful flower as metaphors.

“LOST” reflects raw feeling with R&B production punctuated by synth loops and guitar, and Where is love”brings (G)I-DLE back to the dancefloor with retro-style funky bass and a chantable refrain. “MOON” is an upbeat, honest pop track with a catchy hook built upon a danceable disco rhythm, bass, and synthesizer. Meanwhile, “HANN(Alone in winter)” reaches heavenly heights over cinematic production as the moombahton-inspired finale “DAHLIA” glide towards a sweeping refrain, “I’ll choose to love you anyway cuz you’re my dahlia.

Last year, (G)I-DLE incited a frenzy worldwide with “DUMDi DUMDi,which gathered 18.3 million Spotify streams and 74 million YouTube views on the music video. Not to mention, their “Oh my god” music video picked up a nomination in the category of BEST K-POP at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. Plus, they broke the internet with the 2020 (G)I-DLE ONLINE CONCERT ‘I-LAND : WHO AM I.Their official U.S. debut mini-album I trust claimed #1 on the iTunes Overall Album Charts in 61 markets with acclaim from MTV, Billboard, Just Jared, and more. (G)I-DLE have reached astonishing heights with 805 million YouTube views and north of 752 million streams on Spotify.

With I burn, they have the potential to catch fire like never before in every corner of the globe.


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Today, K-Pop sensation (G)I-DLE reveal a brand-new song entitled “DUMDi DUMDi.” Get it HERE via Republic Records.  Watch the official “DUMDi DUMDi” music video HERE.

Last Thursday, (G)I-DLE enthusiastically received a nomination for their “Oh my god” music video in BEST K-POP at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards airing on August 30th.

Once again, the global phenomenon surprise listeners with an unpredictable and undeniable genre-breaking anthem. Composed by Leader SOYEON, “DUMDi DUMDi” busts the boundaries between tropical house, moombahton, and pop with this summer-ready international banger. Sunkissed island grooves give way to a bright refrain that’s impossible to shake as all six members flex their signature styles on this addictive bop.

“DUMDi DUMDi” lands hot on the heels of their latest anthem “i’M THE TREND.” The track has already generated 1.8 million-plus Spotify streams and 1.8 million YouTube views as their monthly listeners eclipsed 3.5 million on Spotify.

Not to mention, they just broke the internet with the 2020 (G)I-DLE ONLINE CONCERT ‘I-LAND: WHO AM I.Drawing fans worldwide, they closed out the explosive set with the concert debut of “i’M THE TREND,” Penned by MINNIE and YUQI as a “Thank you” to audiences worldwide, the single drops lyrical nods to fan favorites, including “Oh my god,” “Blow Your Mind,” “LATATA,” LION,” and “Uh-Oh.” The live performance also incorporated key parts of the choreographies from those hit songs. Musically, it serves up a sizzling Latin-style bounce punctuated by spirited and spunky rhymes and a bold chant of “i’M THE TREND.”

Recently, (G)I-DLE made their official U.S. debut with the release of I trust. The mini album reached the #1 position at the iTunes Overall Album Charts in 61 markets.  The group continue to receive tastemaker praise across the board. In the wake of I trustMTV observed, “It’s that tenacity that solidifies (G)I-DLEas a formidable group eager to claim the global throne.” Meanwhile, Just Jared proclaimed, “(G)I-DLE is ready to take over!” Billboard described the music video for “Oh my god” as “Stunning.” The visual alone has racked up an astonishing 103 million YouTube views since its release in April.  Get I trust HERE.

In 2019, (G)I-DLE reached unparalleled heights ignited by the I made EP and the standout single “Senorita.” Going viral, the latter racked up 87 million YouTube views and 44 million-plus Spotify streams, as the hit streak continued on “Uh-Oh,” which E! Online applauded and noted, “The girls exude confidence and we are loving it!” Subsequently, (G)I-DLE gained momentum as one of the most popular acts on Mnet’s Queendom, an American Idol-type show with a reality TV format. As they went up against more established K-Pop artists known throughout Korea, (G)I-DLE quickly became the fan favorite and the highlight of every episode. On the finale of the show, and to the delight of fans worldwide, they initially released “LION,” garnering immediate critical acclaim and trending on Twitter for the first three days after release. The song notably spent four weeks on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, and Billboard voted it “One of the Top 25 K-Pop Songs Released in 2019.” Not to mention, the pop starlets have received multiple awards, including “Best Performance” at the annual Golden Disc Awards and “The World K-POP Rookie Award” from the GAON Chart Music Awards. In addition, they performed at the Golden Disc Music Awards in January to an uproar of fan cheers along with other critically acclaimed artists such as BTS, MONSTA X, TWICE, and others.

2020 remains poised to be (G)I-DLE’s biggest and boldest year yet as they expand their reach into North American and once again prove their international influence and might.

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