Fifteen-year-old Isaak Presley can currently be seen playing Ethan Diaz on Disney’s “Stuck in the Middle,” which premiered this past March.  The show centers around Harley Diaz, played by Jenna Ortega, an inventor who is the middle child of a large family, and how she copes with the struggles of being a child.  Ethan is Harley’s best friend and her favorite brother. Ethan is laid back, cool, plays guitar, and wise beyond his years. You can also see Isaak on Netflix’s hit show “Fuller House” where he plays the mischievous Bobby Popko. Best friend to D.J.’s son Jackson, Bobby is unapologetic and constantly roping his friends into some dangerous stunts.


Isaak recently finished production on the new faith based film One Nation Under God. Starring alongside Kevin Sorbo, and directed by Lisa Arnold, Isaak portrays the lead role of David Guiterrez. The film is centered on a defiant David who questions the reasoning behind his school’s removal of the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.


Before “Stuck in the Middle”, Isaak starred in A History of Radness (2015), A Killer of Men (2015), and “OMG!” (2014).


Isaak’s first acting gig was in “Yo Gabba Gabba” when he was 5. He had to do Karate and dance, and he remembers having such an amazing time. He loved being surrounded by so many talented people and be treated so well, it was an incredible experience for him and he holds it in his heart now and always. At age eight he caught the acting bug and decided he wanted to pursue acting seriously.


Fun fact: Isaak was born on June 16, 2002 – on Father’s Day!


Isaak was born and raised in California. Aside from charming audiences on T.V., Isaak loves to play guitar and sing, which is another big passion in his life. He also enjoys writing songs, poems, stories, etc.  Isaak and his father hold riding horses very dear to their hearts.  The two have ridden since Isaak was born and they do it every weekend when they’re free, it’s how they recharge for the following week.  Horses have been a huge part of Isaak’s life and he wouldn’t trade cruising in the wilderness on his horse and taking in the fresh air for anything.


Isaak has 2 horses; Chance and Scarlet, two dogs; Cowboy and Presley, and he also has a 250 pound African tortoise, named Buck!

All photos by Rachid Ait

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