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S.L.U.T. x Bea Miller

Co-written by Bea Miller, Steph Jones and Ido Zmishlany, S.L.U.T. (sweet little unforgettable thing) is one of the featured tracks from Bea’s recently released chapter three: yellow EP. The companion video, directed by duo AJ & Miles (whose credits include Billie Eilish, Stanaj, Jaden Smith and Kid Ink), features women representing beauty in all its shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

While the title is provocative, the message of the funk-tinged song is timely. Harassment comes in many forms and it’s what sparked the origin of the song. As Bea tells it, she was wearing a bodysuit and white skirt. It was hot, and I wasn’t wearing a bra, which I thought was perfectly acceptable, she says, noting, I have little baby boobs. But when Miller posted a photo, a young woman who saw it begged to differ, rudely.

The girl called me a slut, and I lost it, Miller remembers. I was ranting. Women should support each other and I don’t understand what the problem is with nipples. Miller had a thought to look up the nasty term on Urban Dictionary, and found a post defining it as an acronym for Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing and a lyric was born. I thought, that’s amazing, recalls Miller, and we wound up writing a fantastic song that was also a cool and funny response to this girl.

If you don’t like what I’m wearing

Well you’re only bothered cuz you’re staring

And you’ll never talk me into caring

Cuz it’s my own and I’ll keep owning it

Just mind your own and I’ll keep owning it

We gotta learn to stick together

Love your color, gender or whatever

Cuz your happiness don’t need a sensor

Just mind your own and we’ll keep owning it

Bea Miller’s “chapter 3: yellow” out today

stages of a relationship:chapter 1: blue (sadness); chapter 2: red (anger);

chapter 3: yellow (self-acceptance)



music, track art, bio & Images available via DOWNLOAD link above



Continuing her year-long album roll-out, Bea Miller is releasing

chapter three: yellow today.


Over the past year, Miller’s slowly released parts of her as-yet-to be titled sophomore album, revealing the music in three-song collections, each designed to bring fans along the journey, in stages, of the dissolution of a relationship.

chapter 1: blue (out now)

chapter 2: red (out now)

 chapter 3: yellow (out today)

(“repercussions,” “S.L.U.T.,” “to the grave” )

sophomore album (due out early 2018)
Miller’s full-length sophomore album is slated for early 2018 and will consist of the three previously released c! hapters plus three new tracks to complete the story arc.


The album features collaborations with a number of notable songwriters and producers including Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Sir Nolan, Jesse Shatkin and Pop & Oak, to Ilsey and Nick Jonas to name a few.

chapter 3: yellow

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