Kevin GatesThe Ceremony Tour, a soulful country music and rap celebration of his fourth studio album, with a Sexyy Red feature on Yonce Freestyle. He efficiently manages his masters in psychology through a combination of self-awareness and self-preservation.”VLOW

It’s not uncommon to come across someone who radiates a moderate level of spirituality. In a world filled with darkness, a beam of light shines. After a daunting week of having to dive headfirst into a wall of irritating irresponsibility, battered but not broken, our heart reminded our soul: ‘The mission must continue.’ And once that first step landed on stage, the crowd erupted in joy.

Clearly, Kevin now resides at an Equinox, as his skin glows like glass. We smelled eucalyptus during his about-face. Not to mention, he showed up in what appeared to be a pair of black shorts and a loosely fitted designer t-shirt. Giving dope men chique with athleisure realness. Never have I ever felt so much more connected to this burly (and buff), unapologetic ball of ervescent energy.

The entire set list was immersive, sensationalizing a backyard BBQ in Baton Rouge. Followed by a spiked brisk ice tea and a wind of innocence. Many of us hadn’t encountered such a force of nature unfolding in purity. This was the initial phase of the awakening. It felt like it was the same tsunami that caused 2 Phones. Imagine That, which was a wave of truth rapidly transformed into our cognition, which we involuntarily exhaled into our newfound existence.

His gleaming grilled smile with smirk, swift segues, and his background dancer’s pelvis pumping made many of us nostalgic.

#Top15ofAllTime (coming soon)

Kevin Gates The Ceremony Tour via 360 MAGAZINE.
Kevin Gates The Ceremony Tour via 360 MAGAZINE.
Kevin Gates The Ceremony Tour via 360 MAGAZINE.