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Cadarrius Pride

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A Superstar in the Making

The Sardis, Mississippi rapper, Superstar Pride, is the latest example of how TikTok can expand an artist’s reach to a wider audience. Today, he’s catapulted from internet sensation to international superstar and is setting the tone for a record-breaking year in 2023. So far, Pride has been championed by the likes of Billboard, XXL Magazine, and HITS Daily Double, to name a few.

Cadarrius Pride, affectionately known as Superstar Pride, is an artist on the rise whose name is synonymous with the level of success he envisions for himself. In an interview with 360 Magazine, he stated that his stage name ‘Superstar’ came from, “the ultimate goal for every rapper: to become a global superstar”. He comes from a small town, moving from home to home, city to city at every opportunity for a better quality of life. Though it was hard to come by, Pride longed for stability. For as long as he can remember, he’s always been in survival mode: never truly coming to terms with the idea of being comfortable. For the most part, life has been one uphill battle for Pride, fighting his way through adversity as a rite of passage towards becoming a man. His passion and motivation are all in the aims of pioneering a relationship with fans and becoming a role model for others, “I don’t wanna be no gangster I wanna be someone that any person look at and motivates them to not give up on themself”, he stated.

Tracks like the October-released “Painting Pictures” further exploit this concept of self-reflection, amounting to a record that put Pride’s prowess as an emcee into perspective. When asked about his successful song’s meaning, Superstar stated, “that’s what we doing, the ultimate goal of a song is to paint a picture.” This belief is apparent in his newest single, and he hopes to continue painting pictures with his subsequent music.

The viral success of his new single resulted in Pride’s first-ever Billboard Hot 100 entry, debuting at No. 99 and peaking in the top 30 in less than a month. Additionally, “Painting Pictures” has garnered millions of views on TikTok and launched to the top of Spotify’s Global and US Viral 50 charts.

Outside of music, Superstar has many goals he hopes to achieve for the betterment of his community. In his interview with Vaughn Lowery, Superstar recounted his experience with the school system and added, “ I really wanna start schools, that’s another thing I want to do.”

His passion and drive reach way beyond his musical genius, he hopes to enact change in every aspect of life, making him a true Superstar.

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