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Yarge – El Vuelo

Venezuelan artist Yarge released her latest single and music video, “El Vuelo,” a soft, melodic song about being in a long-distance relationship. See HERE.

A perfect blend of pop, R&B and hip-hop, “El Vuelo” showcases Yarge’s effortless voice and identifiable lyrics.  “The Flight” (English translation) is a story of two lovers who have been separated by living conditions, and captures the feeling of wanting to take a flight to see someone you love.

Yarge sings, “and let the bad be left behind / we no longer have to suffer / we are going to love each other and we are going to see each other / imagine that it happens like this”, asking to leave behind evil and suffering and imagine being together.

The music video was filmed in Caracas, Venezuela, and delves into the history of wanting to be with someone but not being in the same place. The video reflects images of Yarge and her lover doing FaceTiming and wishing to be together.

“For me, ‘The flight’ is so special for its lyrics and its rhythm, since when we started producing it I really wanted to give it that very marked R&B vibe… [but] as we were advancing with the beat we added hip hop and… [less] reggaeton.

Yarge is the first Latina woman to sign with United Masters and her first single with United Masters, “más de mi,” garnered more than 300,000 views in the first two weeks of release.

Yarge began by releasing covers on social networks, one of those covers being “Dile A El” by Rauw Alejandro, who showed his support. Yarge’s first single, “PICK UP,” featuring Ramon Vega with over 100,000 views and multiple viral videos on TikTok with over 800,000 views contribute to her success on TikTok with over 141,000 subscribers, and it continues to grow.

About Yarge

Yarge (born April 13, 2005 in Punto Fijo, Venezuela) is a singer-songwriter. From a young age, her parents pushed her to try different sides of the art world, however, her voice left everyone in the family speechless. In 2017, Yarge started posting small covers on social media, which gave her the opportunity to expand and start building followers on her own path Yarge is currently working on new music with her brother to be released at the UnitedMasters Team.

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