The Band Famous Helps Others Love Themselves

Picture this: a small dinner between friends turns into a jam session. A group of people who had not seen each other in years reconnects over their passion for making music and creating apps. The atmosphere is great, and the energy is high. They let talent, inspiration, and a good time take over as they play their instruments and sing. And that is how some of the greatest bands came to be.

Back in July 26, 2013 that is exactly how The Band Famous was born. Norell and Zander–the founders–visited their friends for dinner and soon turned that occasion into an improvised jam session. They played music and out of that recording came the tracks you can now listen to in their debut album, Last Words.

Norell and Zander met in 2010 when she posed for him as a body paint model at DVS1’s Hush Studios in Minneapolis. From the very beginning, she noticed Zander’s kindness and passion for helping and promoting other artists. This is a quality they both wanted to be part of their band and their careers.

The Band Famous became the first band to code, develop, and deploy an exclusive app album for their debut. It gives users the opportunity to listen to the album offline, enjoy live interactive in-app concerts, and the chance to play a strategic, retro, sophisticated video game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Besides their innovations, they stand out because they foster a community and queer-based enterprise that is all about inclusion and acceptance for those who have been shunned by family and friends over their alternative lifestyles. Their purpose is to help others love and accept themselves and inspire them to follow their dreams to take their lives by the reigns and make it what they want for themselves. The founders say, “we want to inspire, we want to uplift, and we want to give back even more by raising awareness and proceeds for charities close to our hearts.” In the end, they want their audience to be in a better state of mind after listening to their music.

Their passion and talent led them to create a loving and accepting fanbase. With them in mind, Norell and Zander created an online Hall of Fame where they share the music they enjoy. Because they care about musicians, they share others’ talented new records–with their permission–with their fans online. They also have their own TBF Radio for free every hour of every day to keep their followers company at all times.

From the beginning of their careers, both Norell and Zander have shown how important it is for them to create a safe space for people to be themselves. Through their music, their Hall of Fame, their radio, and their app, they want their fans to feel accepted. Year after year, they continue to spread awareness and love. The way you can perceive this is by listening to their music or visiting their LA store on Saturdays from 3PM to 5PM.

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