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Marine Layer Wines Opens Tasting Room

Marine Layer Wines Opens Tasting Room on the Healdsburg Plaza

Tasting Room Showcases Contemporary Coastal California Design by Sonoma Design Duo, HommeBoys

Food Offerings from Single Thread Farms, Co-Creators of Little Saint, Opening Later this Year

Marine Layer Wines is a boutique winery that aims to bring the terroir and soul of the Sonoma Coast to life.  With its stellar small-production lineup of single-vineyard Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, Marine Layer has announced the opening of its highly anticipated tasting room in downtown Healdsburg.

Marine Layer was created by close friends with deep ties in the Sonoma Coast wine scene; friends who share a devotion to wine, hospitality and showcasing the diversity of the Sonoma Coast.  With 2018 serving as Marine Layer’s inaugural vintage, the winery has already gained a cult-like following of industry insiders and locals.

Sonoma designers, HommeBoys have perfectly captured the spirit of Marine Layer in their tasting room design, exuding understated and casual sophistication.  A departure from the more formal tasting rooms of the past, the space is the embodiment of modern California coastal chic; a place to linger and savor the flavors of the Sonoma Coast.

“I always envisioned Marine Layer as a ‘location’ as much as a wine brand.  Since we started this incredible journey, we knew that we needed a place to gather and enjoy our wines while hanging out with our friends,” said Baron Ziegler, founder of Marine Layer. “It’s been a dream to work with the HommeBoys.  Their interpretation perfectly mirrored our vision for a contemporary, laid-back California tasting room — elegant, yet approachable and relaxed.”

Located downtown on the eastern side of Healdsburg’s Plaza, Marine Layer’s tasting room was designed as an ode to coastal California.  The space boasts a bright, warm atmosphere, complete with an array of intimate lounges for guests to relax and enjoy.  Inspired by the surrounding coastal region from which Marine Layer crafts its wines, mixed tones of natural oak and deep ocean blue paneling envelop the space.

“We wanted the various lounges to all to feel unique with their own assortment of furnishings, but at the same time, create some continuity so that it didn’t feel disjointed,” said Austin Carrier, co-owner of HommeBoys.

Design highlights include a modern three-sided glass fireplace, handmade ceramic pendant lights sculpted by Oaxacan artists, oversized Moroccan wool rugs, large beaming skylights, and semi-arched columns that scoop up into the ceiling as guests walk into the space.

The Marine Layer guest experience extends beyond the dramatic design.  To complement guests’ wine tasting, Marine Layer has partnered with a soon-to-open neighbor, Little Saint, a farm-forward gathering place led by SingleThread owners Kyle and Katina Connaughton. The opening menu includes a thoughtfully crafted mezze plate comprised of dips, spreads, housemade crackers and just-picked crudités.  Showcasing a variety of flavors and textures, the mezze plate is a convivial noshing intended for guests to play with alongside the lineup of Marine Layer wines.  The offerings will frequently rotate, as they are based on seasonal produce harvested from the Little Saint farm located nearby.  The Marine Layer x Little Saint Experience includes a mezze plate and flight of five wines for $50 per person, or guests can enjoy a flight of five wines for $35 per person.

Marine Layer is open seven days a week, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.  Reservations are strongly encouraged.  To book an experience, please visit Here.  Follow Marine Layer on Instagram: Here.

Marine Layer Wines illustration by Heather Skovlund for 360 Magazine

Marine Layer Wines

Marine Layer Wines Launches in Downtown Healdsburg 

Marine Layer Wines,  a modern new winery that brings the soul of the Sonoma Coast to life with its lineup of small production Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, has officially launched, with a tasting room opening in downtown Healdsburg, June 2021.

Marine Layer was created by a tight-knit team of free-spirited colleagues who share a devotion to quality wine, genuine hospitality and living life to the fullest. They have already amassed a small cult-like following of industry insiders and locals who have embraced their stellar lineup from sought-after vineyard sites.

“This winery is a passion project many years in the making for the team,” said Baron Ziegler, founder of Marine Layer. “It’s pretty rare that you get the chance to work with a group that has this much joy for their craft, and it’s no surprise that it’s expressed through our wine, which is authentic, small-batch, and sustainably sourced. We can’t wait to share Marine Layer wines with everyone.”

The name Marine Layer pays homage to the prominent blanket of fog that pours in from the Pacific.  Known for cooler temperatures and wild and rugged terrain, the wines are vibrant, structured, and finessed.  With a focus on sustainable farming, heritage clones, and hand-harvesting, Marine Layer’s obsession for quality guides their path.  Every bottling of Marine Layer is produced in tiny quantities, some as small as four barrels.

“With decades of experience and deeply rooted relationships with the top growers in the Sonoma Coast, we built Marine Layer with an intimate knowledge of this region,” said Winemaker Rob Fischer. “Our wines are a pure expression of the land, history and soul of the Sonoma Coast.”

Marine Layer has partnered with local designers, the Hommeboys, who have perfectly captured the spirit of the Sonoma Coast in the design of the tasting room.  With its warm, earthy tones, low-key coastal vibe and layered textures, the space exudes the look and feel of the ultimate laid-back Northern California retreat.  Marine Layer’s Tasting Room is slated to open in downtown Healdsburg, June 2021.

For more information, please visit Marine Layer Wines website.

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