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Russell Wilson’s Good Man Brand

A November 7 article on Sportscasting reports on NFL Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s generosity in using his clothing brand to give to communities in need. The article notes that Wilson’s clothing company, Good Man Brand, donates 3% of all purchases to the Why Not You Foundation, another one of Wilson’s charitable endeavors, to provide food and career guidance for those in need.

Los Angeles-based manufacturer Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. says that brands big and small should be sure to take advantage of all marketing opportunities available to advertise their unique message and branding.

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. says that while the most obvious locations to include a brand’s ethics are on the company’s website, online product descriptions, and in-store marketing, clothing tags, and labels are just as important and are often overlooked for their benefits.

The Los Angeles manufacturer adds that by including a brand’s message on fabric tags and labels, it reminds customers of the causes they’re supporting each time they wear a product, which helps to encourage future purchases as well.

Without a message’s integration on clothing tags, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. says customers will only be reminded of the charitable connection if they actively visit a physical store or the company’s online shop. Even a big fan of a product is going to see clothing labels many more times than they are ever likely to see its website or advertising, says the manager.

For a brand’s message to remain visible over time, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. says it’s important for clothing tags and labels to be made from high-quality materials that will not wear or fade for a long time. The Los Angeles manufacturer notes that product tags can only be effective if they can remain fully intact even after numerous wash cycles. Brands that invest in durable fabric labels demonstrate their attention to detail to customers.

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. says that telling customers of a brand’s ethics is crucial for brand loyalty. Whether it’s sustainability or supporting a local community, customers are more likely to purchase products from a company whose mission they support. The Southern California company adds that oftentimes, individuals are more than happy to donate to a good cause; they just don’t know where to start.

By ensuring that a clothing brand’s message is clearly advertised across all marketing opportunities, including clothing tags and labels, customers will always remember the company and causes they’re supporting and where they can return to for more.

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Fashinnovation Worldwide “Talk”

THIS week the 2nd “Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks” takes place online – “LIVE”. The FULL AGENDA is ready!

DATE: June 5th (World Environment Day) & June 8th (World Oceans Day)

To experience this unforgettable 2 days, register below in order to
receive the code to access the live page “talks”.

If you have already registered, stay tuned as we will send you the
email with a link prior to the BIG day!


Aside from all of the exciting leaders who will be inspiring & sharing
knowledge, there will be a 3D Runway Show, powered by Bigthinx.

Featuring 12 brands from around the world as well as a surprise announcement “live” from Nairobi, Kenya!

100+ speakers around the world including DJ Steve Aoki,

Rebecca Minkoff,

Larry Namer, Co-Founder of E! Entertainment Television,

Susan Rockafeller,

Supermodel Coco Rocha,

Fern Mallis,

Simon Beckerman, Founder at DePop,

Mr. Sunil Sethi Chairman of FDIC,

Andrew Sharpless , CEO of Oceana,

Pandora Amoratis, US Style Director at Daily Mail,

Oskar Metsavaht, Founder of Osklen & UNESCO Ambassador, Jonathan Cohen, Designer,

Melanie Travis, Founder at Andie Swim,

Karla Martínez de Salas, Editor in Chief of Vogue Mexico & Latin America,

Fiona Sinclair Scott, Global Editor,

CNN Style & many others.