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Naliya – Handshakes


Building on momentum as a sought after force behind-the-scenes, buzzing artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Naliya releases her debut single Handshakes today. The track’s percussive 808s, head-nodding bass line, and glassy keys, serve as the perfect backdrop for her ethereal delivery and unshakable hook. It’s an intimate and infectious bop and the best way to get to know her.

Listen to Handshakes by Naliya (Immersive / Sandlot / Interscope Records) here.

Hailing from Canada and based in Los Angeles, she takes the reins and personally writes and produces everything herself. Upon graduating early from Berklee College of Music, she moved to Los Angeles and grinded until she broke through into the industry. During an Instagram Live session, she caught the attention of multi platinum producer J Kash [Maroon 5, Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez] who signed her on the spot. He placed her into sessions immediately, and she contributed to Jason Derulo’s Lifestyle [feat. Adam Levine] and Tate McRae’s Rubberband.

Now, she introduces herself with Handshakes.


Naliya personally touches every element of her music. Behind a desk running Ableton Live by herself, she’ll conjure up a beat before picking up a pen to write lyrics and finally grabbing a microphone to bring the production and words to life. The singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer architects an unfiltered and undeniable take on pop warmed by handcrafted beats and lyrics so intimate they could be a DM. She spent the first eight years of her life in Calgary before the family moved to Paris where she resided until 16. Returning to Vancouver Island Canada for high school, she admittedly didn’t have many friends and felt like an outcast. Staving off feelings of depression, she downloaded GarageBand one day and started making beats of her own. Fast-tracking her degree, she finished Berklee College of Music in just three years, got a Visa, and relocated to L.A.  Releasing a series of early singles and collaborations, she repeatedly achieved six-figure streaming numbers. During a Shark Tank-style Instagram Live hosted by powerhouse songwriter J Kash [Maroon 5, Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez], she shared a composition and landed a deal. With Kash in her corner, she co-wrote Jason Derulo’s Lifestyle [feat. Adam Levine] and Tate McRae’s Rubberband. After amassing nearly 2 million streams independently, she formally introduces herself on a series of 2021 singles for Interscope Records led by Handshakes.

Make sure to stream Handshakes on all streaming services here and follow Naliya on her Instagram.

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