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A Letter From MGM Resorts

As quarantine policies lift around the country and people begin to leave their homes, travel guidelines must be carefully calculated so jet setters can safely explore. In a letter from Jenn Michaels, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at MGM Resorts International, she explains how the resort experience has changed for a health-conscious stay.

Having recently reopened resorts in Mississippi, Las Vegas, and New York and Excalibur opening later this week, Michaels explains the new normal for the MGM Resorts. Employees and guests wear masks, plexiglass separates players at card game tables, and signs remind guests to keep social distance from one another. The resorts implement new technological innovations to ease worries for guests. One technology applies to their restaurants where guests can now view menus and wine lists on their phones and receive texts when their tables are ready. Another innovation allows guests to use their mobile phones to check into their room and as a room key. Technology like this limits the touch points in one’s MGM Resort stay.

Jenn explains that, despite the readjustments necessary for a safe stay, guests still relax and enjoy their stays, “What else do I see as I wander around? People having a great time, enjoying fun dinners, hanging out poolside, exploring the Bellagio Conservatory (a gorgeous Japanese display), watching the fountains dance, and generally having a blast, like you’re supposed to in Las Vegas. And even better than that is seeing people back at work and how happy they are to be reunited with their colleagues.”

And for those of you who are still weary of travel, Jenn assures guests that MGM Resorts will be happily awaiting your arrival, “When you’re ready to come back, we’re here. There’s no doubt that the world needs travel, adventure, exploration, experiences. And all of us, in some way, play a role in that for consumers – whether it’s the destination itself or telling wonderful stories that inspire people to travel. Let’s continue to be there for each other and for the world.”

Our lives may look different but with innovative technology and careful policies, we can ease back into comfortable and exciting vacations.

Read more about MGM Resorts International on their website, Instagram, or Wikipedia.

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