Juice Magazine’s Surf Skate Style 75th Edition

Juice Magazine’s Surf Skate Style 75th Edition is rolling out worldwide at 148 pages deep with 100+ interviews, and features Dogtown skate legend and style master, Scott Oster, on the cover, captured by internationally celebrated photographer, Arto Saari, in tribute to the timeless tradition of Surf Skate Style.

Here are a few excerpts from the new mag as well as photos from the Juice Magazine Surf Skate Style Launch Party in Venice Beach, California at Juice HQ. 

This issue is dedicated to Shogo Kubo, who once said, “To me, style is everything.” 

Juice Magazine 75 features: Aaron Murray, Aaron Astorga, Abraham Paskowitz, Animal Chin 30 Year Reunion, Art Brewer, Ben Harper, Bennett Harada, Bones Brigade Chronicles, Brad Bowman, Brandon Cruz, Brian Brannon, Bro Gumpright, Carter Slade, Cattleboro, Chet Childress, Chris Miller, Chris Russell, Chris Strople, Christian Fletcher, Christian Hosoi, Craig Stecyk III, Darren Ho, Dave Tourje, David Hackett, Dedicated To The Core, Dennis Martinez, Dibi Fletcher, Don Redondo, Eric Britton, Garrett McNamara, Gerry Lopez, Glen E. Friedman, Greg Falk, Greg Galbraith, Greyson Fletcher, Herbie Fletcher, James O’Mahoney, Jef Hartsel, Jeff Ament, Jeff Divine, Jeff Ho, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Gray, John Van Hamersveld, Jonathan Paskowitz, Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Kalani David, Keith Morris, Kirra Kehoe, Kona Skatepark: 40 Years of Gnar, Larry Bertlemann, Laura Thornhill, Lizzie Armanto, Marc Emond, Michael Denicola, Michael Early, Nano Nobrega, Nathan Fletcher, Nathan Florence, Neil Stratton, Norton Wisdom, Oliver Percovich, Pala Graverobbers, Pat Bareis, Patti Mcgee, Randy Katen, Ray Flores, Rob Nelson, Robert Trujillo, Sam Ogden, Scott Oster, Shane Allen, Shannon Smith, Shaun Tomson, Shota Kubo, Skateistan, Solo Scott, Stacy Peralta, Steve Alba, Steve Olson, Steve Van Doren, Surf Skate Style, Takuji Masuda, Terry Nails, Tim Curran, Tim Hendricks, Tim Kerr, Tom Groholski, Tony Alva, Wes Humpston and Zach Miller.

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The influence of surfing on skateboarding has been discussed since the beginning of both, yet we have now entered a new era, where skateboarding has returned the favor with its own unique influence on the surfing world. In order to get to the core of this cross over and to try to define the origins and current state and status of surf skate style, Juice Magazine interviewed some of the most innovative skateboarders, surfers, artists, documentarians, photographers, filmmakers and musicians on the planet. 


Words by CHARLIE WILKINS: Photo by Rob Collins. 

Bro is from the East Coast, more specifically Cape Cod, and it doesn’t get much more “isolated with not much to skate” than that. Skaters like Bro who grew up on the East Coast face an uphill battle for just about everything in skateboarding. He could have just as easily quit skating, but not Bro. Straight edge for life, skate your face off ‘til you break your knees, and being an active participant in making the skate scene better is what he’s all about. Bro did so in part by diving into the world of a brick and mortar retail skateshop. Bro opened Orchard Skateshop in 2006, and over the last 10 years the shop has moved, grown and multiplied, and become the heart of the Boston skate scene.


Interview by Jim Murphy

Photos by Karim Ghonem and Coburn Huff. 

Gnarly skater and guerrilla artist, Chet Childress, is an East Coaster who has always stayed true to his roots. Growing up at the Ramp House in Carolina Beach, NC, at the end of the vert heydays in the ‘80s, his dedication during the lean times paid off with sponsors that encouraged his individuality and a worldwide road tripping addiction that has continued through the years on asphalt across the country. For Chet, being a pro skater doesn’t mean training for contests – quite the opposite. His vision is pure exploration – searching out graffiti-laced, outlawed pools and obscure monoliths aside a brushed out ditch. Chet’s thirst for the unknown ultimately defines what a skateboarder’s quest for adventure is all about.


Interview by Steve Olson

Photos by Dave Swift

Get on it, and throttle it to the max. Never let off, just seems to be the way. One slam, two slams, that doesn’t count. It’s about making it, and making it gnarly… Nothing to lose, it’s all one big gain… Through the triumph, victory, and the pain… This is Chris Russell… If you’ve seen him skate, you know what I mean.


Interview by Steve Olson

Photo by C.R. Stecyk III.  

“You’ll never amount to anything” ??? ‘Wait a minute, I’m just a kid’… Surfers and skaters from the early ‘70s, That’s what most heard, except a few… One, which didn’t listen so closely, is this guy, Stacy, Peralta that is… From one talent to the next, it all depends on your focus, and commitment… If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you will. Peralta has played a lot different roles… from Skater to Director. As they say, the guy has got talent, that’s obvious…


Interview by Jeff Ho

Photo by Dan Levy and Paul Gronner 

Ben Harper is a real stand up guy. He’s an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter and he’s worked hard for it. Not only has he released over a dozen records and won three Grammy awards, he’s a skateboarder on the advisory board of the Tony Hawk Foundation working to build skateparks across America. Ben is a down to earth guy and his music has transcended boundaries and his lyrics spread vital messages about social issues and encourage cultural change. Ben is a good person with a ton of integrity and he is an important part of our culture. From the early days of coming up in his grandparents’ music store, to playing with some of the world’s finest musicians, like Charlie Musselwhite and Taj Mahal, he continues to preserve the legacy of music as he interprets it.

Steve Olson interviewed Patti McGee, the 1965 Woman’s first National Skateboard Champion, and Silly Girls Skateboards Ambassador. Patti graced the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1965 along with the cover of the 4th issue of Skateboarder Magazine, and made numerous TV appearances including being a guest on the Johnny Carson Show. Skateboarding Hall of Famer and skate legend, Patti was one of the first women to embody “surf-skate style”, back in 1962 with the Pump House Gang in San Diego.


Interview with Oliver Percovich 

Interview by Jim Murphy 

Photos by Chad Foreman & Hamdullah Hamdard. 

A skater goes to Afghanistan and shares his love for skateboarding with the local kids, many of whom have never seen a skateboard before. As he sees the youth expressing themselves through the freedom of skateboarding, he decides he needs to build them an indoor skatepark and school, and Skatestan is born! This is an incredible story and vision that is expanding beyond Kabul and helping at-risk youth around the world! Oliver Percovich – international skateboarding advocate speaks!


Story and photos by Dave Swift

There is a section of houses just off the 76 Highway in North San Diego county that were once the dwellings of dairy workers. Many years ago the dairy closed for good and the houses were left boarded up and abandoned. On two of those properties, empty backyard pools were found in the late 90s and renegade sessions ensued. In the beginning, many of those sessions were quickly halted by authorities who were watching over the land and the boot was given. Other times, sessions were allowed to go on late into the night without any hassle whatsoever. That is until things got out of hand and they were shut down for good (the kidney was buried and the square was watched over by heavy-handed security) —or at least that’s what everyone thought.


Interview by Jeff Ho 

Photo by Dan Levy and Olivia Jaffe 

Keith Morris is an amazing person with a colorful and eventful career. He was at the forefront of punk rock and helped to define the scene, and he’s stayed involved and been working this whole time. From Black Flag to the Circle Jerks to Off! and Flag, his music has a message. From his early days in Hermosa Beach, his roots in surfing and skateboarding spurred the cross pollination of punk rock and skateboarding, resulting in an aggressive style that led to change. We talked about his new book “My Damage” and looked back on the beginning, the middle, the now and the future. Facing challenges head on is his way and I want to thank him for it. Keith’s message is more valuable now than ever. Grab his new book and listen to Keith Morris.


Words by Tim Klemonsky

Photos by Eric Full and Fraser Tattie. 

What does it take to have a killer backyard wooden bowl in New England? A LOT! Dedication on the backs of landscapers, masons, carpenters, skaters, delivery guys, painters, welders, you name it… Blue collar to the bone. 20 plus years of a wooden ramp that rots away, gets gutted and rebuilt section by section every year. No corporate skate money, no contest banners, no soft drink helmets, no nothing… It’s a hardworking crew called the 59. Big shout out to Iggy, the owner, his family and city and estate gardener for being the backbone push behind a fun place I can feel at home when I ride.


Interview by Jim Murphy

Photo by Quinn Knight

Shannon has been a hardcore Charleston local from the days of Blaize Blouin’s backyard ramp sessions with Bonnie Blouin, Hank, Rasta Mike and the godfather of the East Coast layback rollout, Brad Constable. Charleston was localized by a hardcore crew of skaters who rode whatever was in their way and Shannon was up for the endless adventures with the skate family, from SC to Cedar Crest to Atlanta and hanging with the Rancheros! As concrete skateparks emerged throughout the country, Shannon started to rally for a skatepark to give the next generations more rippable terrain! During the long haul to get the park built, Shannon and Otis raised a family, built a killer backyard pool, and, today, skate their pool with their two kids, Audrey and Lil Johnny Otis. Now, through the efforts of Shannon and the local crew, a killer Team Pain skatepark called Sk8 Charleston has opened, complete with the Blaize bowl and a 200 foot snakerun! Congrats to everyone who fought to make this word class skatepark in Charleston a reality.


Words and photos by Dan Levy 

For the last 40 years, Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville Florida has remained a lighthouse for generations of skateboarders to come and test their mettle on its legendary concrete terrain. Kona stands alone in its status as the oldest consecutive-running, privately owned skatepark in North America, making it a historical landmark for skateboarding and also an American treasure. Since 1977, skateboarding has constantly challenged all possibilities and Kona has remained a veritable proving ground for the most famous and infamous names in skateboarding to showcase their skills. The Ramos family has weathered many a storm over the years and their unwavering dedication to keeping skateboarding alive is inspirational and appreciated by those who show up to ride on a daily basis. The 40 year celebration of this magical concrete wonderland was nothing short of astonishing.


Interview by Jim Murphy

Photo by Dan Levy

Steve Van Doren is one of the hardest working and most dedicated men in skateboarding, and the hardcore work ethic of the Van Doren family started in Boston and flourished in California with a vision of making quality, functional shoes. Since 1966, Vans has been the go-to shoe for skateboarders and, with the entourage of rippers they sponsor, Vans has created a skate family legacy with no end in sight. From innovative skateparks to the Vans Pool Party and Vans Park Series, Steve and his crew have proven time and again that they are leading the way to keeping skateboarding fun. Through the last five decades, Steve has had skateboarders’ backs and stayed true to his roots. Alva, Caballero, Hosoi – the list goes on of legends that Vans continues to sponsor. This respect for history and vision for the future is who Steve Van Doren is. Thanks, Steve, for keeping it punk!


Interview and photos by Brian Twitty 

Hailing from Monroe, North Carolina, this young gun is on his way up. With heroes like Chris Russell and Ben Raybourn, Sam brings relentless, raw East Coast talent to the mix. This kid is a regular ripper at Joe’s Bowl and Tom Risser’s Whipsnake mogul wonderland, but he also makes frequent trips to Cali to get a taste of a variety of West Coast terrain. Sam has a good head on his shoulders and is intent on keeping his grades on point while he rolls on with no end in sight. Keep a look out for this kid!



Words & photos by Dan Levy

It’s not very often that you get an invitation to document the making of a film by a highly accomplished and respected filmmaker like Stacy Peralta, yet Juice Magazine did and what I witnessed gives me chills. After waking to the usual morning scene of Venice Beach decorated with boardwalk debris, homeless camps and the always colorful good morning banter that usually exists at very high volume, I looked north from the balcony of Juice and remembered the fact that the POP Pier once existed in front of our office and is the very location where Stacy and Dogtown’s most elite aggressively forged a path into history with attitude, style and localism. I grabbed my camera bag, jumped in the car and started the journey to Burbank to reach the set of the “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography”. It was feeling like a Led Zeppelin morning, so I threw in the BBC Sessions Live album and headed into L.A. traffic. The levity of what I was about to experience started to sink in and the anticipation acted as my coffee replacement for the morning.

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Juice Magazine Surf Skate Style Party! ‪August 24, 2017 ‬at 319 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291‬. ‪
Special thanks to sponsors and event partners:

Pabst Blue Ribbon, G-SHOCK, Made In Venice, Bern Unlimited, Silly Girls Skateboards, Flake, The Venice Ale House, Tea Riot, Niki Red Wheels, Jeff Ho Zephyr Productions, Speedlab Wheels, Venice Skateboarding Stuff, Embassy Skateboards, Hecho En Venice, Carver Skateboards, DTC Crew, Venice Beach Bar, Black Flys, Dogtown Skateboards, Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels, Vans, Alva Skateboards, So Cal Skate Shop, California Locos, Skull Skates, Anaheim Skateboards, Salt Rags, Wounded Knee Skateboards, Seventh Wave Surf Shop, Stability Skateboards and Astrodeck.

Scott Oster, Ty Trujillo, Chloe Trujillo and Robert Trujillo of Metallica. The Juice Magazine Surf Skate Style party was a night filled with rock stars, art stars and skateboarding legends! Photo by Dan Levy

Juice Magazine hosted a Surf Skate Style party for the new mag at its Venice Beach headquarters, as a celebration of surf, skate, music, art and life, with Scott Oster signing his Juice Magazine cover.

Surf and skateboarding icons featured in this issue of the mag made special guest appearances to be part of this legendary event including: Christian Fletcher, Christian Hosoi, Robert Trujillo, Scott Oster, Jeff Ho, Brad Bowman, Patti McGee, Laura Thornhill, Bennett Harada, Shota Kubo, Eric Britton, Brandon Cruz, Ray Flores, Solo Scott, Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Kirra Kehoe, Neil Carver, Michael DeNicola, Jim Gray, Carter Slade, Dennis Martinez and Brian Brannon.

The evening included a surprise appearance by Brian Brannon of JFA doing an acoustic set of classic punk rock songs, and a crowd-pleasing musical performance by Jeremy Parker and Masao Miyashiro while skate legend Ray Flores was the guest DJ for this special night. 

Rock star, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, and his art star wife, Chloe Trujillo and their 12-year old rock star son, Ty Trujillo, who just completed a tour playing bass with Korn chilled at Juice HQ all night while a super grom skate session went down on the Venice boardwalk with one of the most famous skateboarders on the planet, Christian Hosoi, mentoring and filming the next generation of rippers. 

This special event included a special appearance by Z-Boys, Nathan Pratt and Peggy Oki, along with mastermind of Zephyr and one of the godfathers of Dogtown, Jeff Ho. Jesse Martinez, street skating pioneer and star of the “Made In Venice” movie (which comes out on DVD on Oct 3rd) was also on hand to celebrate, along with director of the movie, Jonathan Penson

Two badass skateboarding pioneers, Peggy Oki and Patti McGee. These beautiful ladies have dedicated their lives to giving back to good causes, and we thank them for all they have done and continue to do for skateboarding and surfing and the ocean. Photo by Dan Levy

3 Kings of Surf Skate Style: Scott Oster, Christian Hosoi and Christian Fletcher. Photo by Dan Levy

Quinne Daniels – pure happiness on a skateboard. Photo by Venice Beach Photos

Super grom squad, Classic Hosoi, Rocket Jo, Presley, Lil Bear and Tommy Calvert. Photo by Venice Beach Photos

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