Jay Wheeler New Record Label

Jay Wheeler lives a “PLATONIC” love in his new production record labels. “PLATÓNICOS”, the most anticipated urban music album of the year, is available in all digital platforms. 

Jay’s artistic career:

Wheeler passed from being a promise to becoming a solid reality. The romantic singer-songwriter Puerto Rican has become the “master” of the lyrics that honor the love in the urban genre industry, and his new album “PLATÓNICOS” shows.

The young man who managed to sensitize thousands during a presentation in his native Puerto Rico, due to its honest tears of joy mounted on one of the scenarios most emblematic of his country, has become an architect of love songs in the most criticized and underrated music genre in the industry Latin. His new record production is called “PLATÓNICOS”, and it is without place to doubt, one of the most awaited urban music albums by fans of gender. It is made up of 12 songs produced by the “father” of reggaeton Dj Nelson, with the collaboration with other major producers.

With more than 30 million views on YouTube on topics such as “Another More Night” with Farruko and more than 19 million reproductions in his emblematic “I fell in love”, Jay Wheeler has managed to earn his place in the industry. Your new musical project is full of surprises and collaborations with great artists from gender, and its distinctive romantic style and his talent for letters that “caress” the heart are embodied in “PLATONICS”.

Wheeler has used his social networks to offer his fans small advances small advances from the album, whose first promotional single is the song “Fuiste tú”. A song very special for the singer, since he himself confessed that it is his favorite song of the entire album “First God, I thank my audience for so much support, you keep my humility intact and the desire to fight for my dreams is on the surface. This disk is the fruit of much effort and I hope you love it, “said Wheeler. Enjoy “PLATÓNICOS” on your favorite digital platform.

Jay Wheeler – Fuiste Tu (Official Video)


Today, promising Latin music star, Jay Wheeler released his brand new single and music video “Take My Life” featuring Tyla Yaweh. 360 Magazine was delighted at the energetic energy, passionate lyricism, and flawless production of the sizzling single.

Jay Wheeler is one of the most prominent Latin artists of the moment, garnering over a billion streams and multi-platinum records in the United States and Spain. Recently, his single “Viendo El Techo” (20 million views on YouTube) reached the #1 spot at Billboard’s Latin Airplay and Latin Rhythmic charts, which came after winning the “Nueva Generacion Masculina” award at Univision’s Premios Juventud, continuing to position himself as one of the most sought after Latin artists of this generation.

With “Take My Life,” Jay presents a brand-new side of him completely in English for the first time ever, and mixing 00s emo-punk guitar riffs with today’s alt-pop sounds in a song that talks about losing a love over a mistake you’ve made. “Take My Life” is just a preview of what we’ll see from Jay Wheeler in his new urban English album that will drop in the fall of 2021.

“I used to believe // The love that we had was forever but now I cant let it go // And I couldnt leave // Ive seen in your face that I lost all your trust // And I cant let it go, I lost my soul // I even tried to take my life,” Jay Wheeler sings as the song begins, giving us a glimpse of what the story is about.

For this song, Jay Wheeler teamed up with Tyla Yaweh, the Post Malone-discovered rapper and songwriter, who also steps away from his comfort zone to really showcase his artistic versatility.

“Im so happy to finally present you with this project. Its something Ive always wanted to do and I think it really shows the range of what Im capable of doing. Teaming up with Tyla Yaweh was incredible too, I feel like he really brought the song together and I learned a lot from him in the process, ”Jay Wheeler said.

The music video, directed by Nuno Gomes takes place in an enchanted forest with a lot of ethereal creatures that give life to the story as Jay Wheeler searches for his lost love before it’s too late.

Jay Wheeler became known after a video of him singing went viral in 2016. Thanks to his newfound fame, he decided to pursue a career in music, eventually signing with Dynamic Records in 2018. He went on to release two albums produced by famed DJ Nelson: Platnico (2019) and Platnicos (2020), which included the mega hit that really catapulted him to fame, La Curiosidad“ feat. Myke Towers (592 million views on YouTube).

After the most successful year of his career, he kicked off 2021 experimenting with different genres and sounds, continuing to rake in massive streaming numbers in the 9 and 10 digits, and proving he truly is “la voz favorita” (the favorite voice). We can’t wait to hear whats next from this visionary artist.

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