How to Keep Your Truck in Tip-Top Shape

As a truck driver, it’s your responsibility to keep your truck in great shape. Failing to perform necessary maintenance and repair tasks can lead to breakdowns or unsafe driving.

Whether you have a regular fuel-based truck or you’re the proud owner of an electric vehicle, keeping your truck in optimal shape requires more than a quick clean and polish every few weeks. It requires you to respond to warning lights, keep the fluid levels topped up, and regularly check your tires.

If you spend the time looking after your truck, you can extend its lifespan and improve its functionality. Although it might cost you time and money in the short term, keeping your truck in tip-top shape can reduce your long-term expenses and stress.

Here are some top tips to help you keep your truck in perfect condition.

Inspect Your Truck Before and After a Trip

Simply taking a quick look around your truck before and after every journey you make can help you to spot minor problems before they get worse. You can catch any faults in time to fully fix them.

Spend some time inspecting all parts of the vehicle, including the doors, tires, and windows. If you find anything suspicious, you can either fix it yourself or take your truck to a mechanic.

Some faults can’t be fixed and trucks can eventually break down due to the constant wear and tear on all parts of the vehicle. In this case, you may need to get yourself a brand new truck. You can find an affordable international truck for sale online and have it delivered to your warehouse within a matter of weeks.

Keep the Tires Adequately Inflated

Tires are one of the most used parts of your truck so it’s important to look after them. Alongside inspecting your tires for punctures or damage, regularly check the inflation using a tire pressure gauge.

There is a legal minimum tire tread depth that your truck’s tires must meet. In most places, the minimum is a 1.6 mm tire tread depth. Failure to keep your tires inflated to this level can lead to large fines and an increased risk of accidents.

By inspecting your tires and keeping them in great shape, you can keep your truck rolling smoothly on the roads. Vehicle handling will be much easier and you’ll be more in control of your truck. Smooth driving will improve fuel efficiency, meaning you will spend less money filling up your fuel tank in between deliveries too.

Clean Your Truck Regularly

As simple as it may sound, giving your truck a good scrub is important for its maintenance. Washing the exterior and interior of the truck will keep it looking and smelling fresh.

A well-cleaned vehicle creates a great first impression on customers and conveys your professionalism as a company. You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive liquids and special sponges. Regular car soap and warm water will do the trick.

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