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Marking International Women’s Day and supporting this year’s #BreakTheBias gender equality campaign theme, London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is sharing the stories of the capital’s female licensed taxi drivers. 

First taking place in 1911, International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Today it sees a number of missions to help forge a gender equal world, including building workplaces where women thrive and forging their empowerment.

Traditionally highly male-dominated, the London taxi trade got its first licensed female cabbie in 1967, when Shirley Preston passed The Knowledge. Fast forward to 2022 and female drivers are not only continuing to change professional stereotypes, but many are also choosing LEVC’s electric TX, the world’s most advanced taxi, and contributing to a more sustainable future, too.

LEVC was delighted to bring together three TX-driving female cabbies who expressed how proud they are to be licensed London taxi drivers, and how they want to encourage more women into the profession, fostering a more equal and diverse future.

London cabbie, TX owner and passionate YouTuber, Dale Forwood said: “Being a London cabbie is a wonderful profession, renowned throughout the world, and it’s open to everyone. I’m made to feel very welcome by a trade which is predominantly male. It gives you a good work and family-friendly balance, with flexible hours. I highly encourage more women to become a licensed driver and continue to break the bias around taxi drivers. It’s a women’s job as well.”

London TX Taxi Driver, Marie Samuels, commented: “I love being a female taxi driver because any woman from any background can do it and I want to encourage all women to gain the knowledge and feel confident to become one.”

London TX Taxi Driver, Lisa Seymour, commented: “As a mother of two, it’s the perfect job for me as it’s got flexibility and means I can work around my children. I found it really hard at first and it makes me so proud to have got to where I am, not only do I drive a taxi, I now teach others to become a taxi driver. All women can do it and I am so glad we are breaking the bias.”

LEVC’s electric TX taxi eliminates range anxiety, minimises COemissions and optimises profitability thanks to its unique eCity technology. It offers a pure electric, zero-emission range of 64 miles (103km) and is capable of a total range of up to 318 miles (512km) thanks to its innovative range-extending technology. Regardless of age, gender or disability, TX is an accessible and inclusive vehicle for all passengers. Wheelchair users are able to enjoy a forward-facing position, while TX has flexible space on board for up to six occupants.

LEVC is also proud to support Think Pink Cabs. Operating in Nottingham, Think Pink taxis are all electric and driven exclusively by female cabbies who can choose to only carry female passengers. Think Pink’s ethos is to provide a safe, high-standard service.

Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC, added: LEVC is proud to offer its support to International Women’s Day, and we are committed to #BreakTheBias. It is inspiring to hear from these three female London cab drivers – I hope their stories encourage more women to enter the London taxi trade. I am also delighted they choose to drive the TX, the world’s most advanced taxi.”

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