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(G)I-DLE – I Never Die

(G)I-DLE released their first full album, I NEVER DIE with the title track, “TOMBOY.” The album contains (G)I-DLE‘s feelings and thoughts on not only the prejudice against themselves but on all the world. (G)I-DLE‘s comeback is good news for many global K-pop fans, including their fandom who have been supporting them for a long time.

The title track, “TOMBOY,” which fully reveals (G)I-DLE‘s unique confident attitude, has straightforward lyrics such as, “I’m not a doll,” and “Just me I-DLE.” It shows off bold charms and presents the group as uncontrollable, eccentric characters. In addition, the hook that is made up of (G)I-DLE’s unique vocals and grand instrumental sounds.

The B-side tracks written and composed by (G)I-DLE members confirm the group’s unique flavor and wide musical spectrum.

The full album contains nine tracks: “TOMBOY,” “Never Stop Me,” “VILLAIN DIES,” “MY BAG,” “TOMBOY (CD Only),” which are co-composed and written by SOYEON, “ALREADY,” “ESCAPE,” which are co-composed by MINNIE, and “POLAROID,” and “LIAR” which are co-composed and co-written by YUQI. By fully showcasing skills that they have been building up over the years, and capturing the messages they wanted to convey, the album shows (G)I-DLE’s broadened range of musical capabilities. The compositions are incredibly authentic.

The fourth mini-album, “FIRE,” which was released last year, topped the iTunes album charts in 52 regions around the world and ranked 173rd on the Billboard Global Excl. US, breaking (G)I-DLE’s own record and giving them an unrivaled presence.

(G)I-DLE, a group that has been unstoppable in the K-pop market with their outstanding conceptual performances and music, has confidently finished their preparation for this comeback.

About (G) I-DLE

(G) I-DLE, comprised of MIYEON, MINNIE, SOYEON, YUQI and SHUHUA, is a Korean girl group formed in 2018. They are most known for being the most popular girl group to not come from the big three major k-pop labels. Unusual for k-pop artists, they are directly involved with the music, with several of the members writing or co-writing the songs. They were also the first group to be interviewed by Forbes China.

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