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TV2 illustration by Rita Azar for 360 Magazine

Behind the Wheel: Truck Week

NewNation will air “Behind the Wheel: Truck Week,” an investigation of the trucking industry.

illustration by Samantha Miduri for use by 360 Magazine

App aims to accelerate in-cab tech development

Fleets benefit when mobile apps play nicely together in the truck cab, says Eleos Technologies CEO, Kevin Survance. Now, thanks to a new mobile app-to-app connectivity protocol, it will be possible to seamlessly connect commercial trucking solutions like ELDs, workflow and bypass apps, sensors, and cameras. OpenCab is a new specification from Eleos, aimed at […]

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Trucks

The trucking industry has over time grown immensely. Today it is almost impossible to imagine life without trucks because industries can hardly operate if trucks owners go on strike for a single day. This industry has had its fair share of challenges as well as good days. Despite these ups and downs, the industry keeps […]